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  1. Hi is Me again for those that like to have a head unit with md check this guy on ebay Kyoto-Exports they have alot of models the onli problem is that almost all of them are double din but some times they got some single din i am just waiting so they came up with the HI-MD head units to buy one of those!!! i guess they are just going to come up in Japan!!
  2. Hi Every body in this comunity (sorry for my bad writing English is not my lenguage) but enyway i wonder if enybody knows if sony i planning in developing a interfase between a Sony car head unit and a MD it could be realy good because the cuality and you can hide away the MD and be controled by the head unit. Any way a want to pay my respects to the people tha mantain this web site because it is realy usefull!!! al the information and the service that they provide so RESPECT to you All!!! David Licon Somewhere in the Mexican Jungle!!!
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