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  1. yeah, but even the opening day, only 7 to 10 people inside of the store. It's kinda sad becaue an Apple store got huge crowd like 500 people standing in line because opening.
  2. I went to an Apple store opening and found also Sony Style. They giveaway a free T-shirt for the first 100 poeple per day until Oct 9th. Good thing though, this is the first time I found Hi-MD disc beside internet. $6.99 per disc(ouch!). Westfield Topanga NOW OPEN 6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Canoga Park, CA 91303 818-704-7387 http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....y_stores%2eisml
  3. again! this is so frustrating! I have NH1 and loved it! Do I need to buy 2nd Gen of Hi-MD for my powerbook? Damn Sony!
  4. They said, RH1 is sold out in Japan. wow. http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20060627...121-mai-bus_all
  5. I heard the news today that Sony finaly supported Apple's ACC files on their new Sonicstage/Walkman.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Hoping it works on NH1 though.
  7. any good news for mac users? i have NH1 but unble to use this Hi-MD Wav Importer.
  8. Sony's biggest mistake is they won't support apple computer(mac osx) in Japan. ipod is the only choice for mac users and also good for windows users as well.
  9. At very end, they went 75% off!! Even though nobody's buying them!
  10. I was at Longs Drugs in Glendale CA and still 10 more set of 5MDs are left.
  11. $5 each(5 MDs). I think it's cheap. Check your local Longs Drugs. It seems like end of MD in the US.
  12. I called up sony and they said five 1G disks for $34.95 with free shipping and ebay, they are sell five hi-MD disks for $24~$29.99 with shipping. Is there any other options? I called Frys at Burbank and they don't have it. I'm in Los Angeles, btw.
  13. I just let you know, if you have local Target store near you in the US, go check them they might have a five MD(not a hi-md) pack for $5. I think it's cheap. I think they stop carrying MD media soon.
  14. I saw five blank MDs set (not HI-MD) at Target. It was something like $6 for five MDs. It's so cheap now because nobody wants to buy.
  15. In L.A, I don't see any of them even other(old one) Hi-MD black disc.
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