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  1. Thanks and thanks! Explains a lot to me. Everyone said my name was so unoriginal, so I decided to add the "s" onto the end.
  2. I got one with my RH10, so I do suppose that they're out in full force now.
  3. Woot! Burning through Simple Burner solved the problem. I love you all!
  4. Nope. Direct from CD into SonicStage 3.2
  5. Some of you may have songs or albums that are actually all "one" so to speak. If any of you have tried listening to Cassandra Geminni by The Mars Volta, you'll know that it's all one long song, divided into 8 tracks. The song flows seamlessly, however, on my RH10 it does that little pause into the next part. It's very distracting. Any way to get rid of that?
  6. Could you please elaborate on this "MP3 playback bug" you speak of?
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