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  1. yeah!! keep up the good work!! where are u guys? dead?
  2. Juppe THIS IS SUCH A GFREAT SOFTWARE!! NO NEED FOR WINAMP ANYMORE!!! loved it!.. now .. will it ever be able to use functions such as artist link.. etc etc??
  3. what a great program it is going to be!!! we don´t need winamp annymore.. it is portable!!!... GREAT!! -- now: do you think we are ever going to be able to use all our nw-*** functions?? such as artist link.. etc.. etc..??
  4. I know.. you gotta do the same as SS and Connect: Convert the file (by using some lame plugin or something..) Connect software doesn´t just send files to te device... - strange bitrate files are converted to normalized files..
  5. I am so terrible sorry.. the cable that i have is on my parent´s house.. meaning that there is nothing I can do till weekend.. - all my files are in the device: All of them are big files (larger then 7mb); mp3; or wma; larger then 100 minutes; - audio books... Somewhy Connect software doesn´t work properly with those files.., - sonicstage can use SOME of them.. - I will send them this weekend.. :-/
  6. I have studied my files and I have identified 8 files that can crash mlsony... - all of them are high-size files (bigger than 20 mb) cause they are audiobooks tranfered from .wma files.. by using S.Stage... My problem is solved (except for the track number - as expected..) --- 2 questions: 1- Does MlSony create tag info for the mp3 file? 2- Can I change the download directory (c:\) thank you!.. by the way I have just sent u my log Great.. it does creat tag info... :-D.. well.. the following are the missing features to make it perfect so: -config the path dir.. -ability to read the tag information on the winamp player when playing from the device -fix track number.. -fix config box so it won´t crash -drag and drop... (I can´t see it working anywhere here... humm -perhaps it is this computer but I thought it was working on older releases... ==== I am working to try to find a portable winamp that could allow us to use winamp from the player without having to install it on the computer... - I have it already but it is 5.1 - and I don´t know if it is going to conflituous to mlsony ..,
  7. Ok: my situation: hey otiasj; I do have a backup indeed - the thing is: mlsony crashs before it can show anything connect software ALSO crashes!! - I don´t have the minimal Idea of why! sonicstage works perfectly.. BUT it doesn´t allow you to backup your files.... ---my NW-A3000 works pretty well with this database backup... ..mlsony doesn´t regenerate the database as said in this forum.., ...--well: any ideias???;; - I have sent you my database backup.. thank you so much for the help
  8. I have a lot of oma files that I really really don´t wanna lose..., the thing is: they are all from my old database (Created by connect software) ...destroyed by mlsony..., ; is there any thing that I could do to save them???... - I am pretty happy with mlsony.., and everything is great now... -- it is just that things could be even better if I could save those files... - (thay are all mp3..., but without any tag ...)... !!keep the great job!! === Ow.. and here is the link again (I keep loosing it..) http://sourceforge.net/projects/mlsony *from> Brazil
  9. Hey O. I solved my problem!! I was indeed using ml_base.... (ni=o one ve told me that the name had changed...) well; thank u again!!!!!!!! now it´s time to make the ratings work!!! hahahaha
  10. GREAT!!!! IT IS WORKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG yeahp! well.. now the problems: why does it show twice my device on the winamp media list?? why can´t I use drag and drop ...???? ; Can I download songs recorded before when using connect software???? I am using nw-a3000 (it is going great!! but u also have to fix the settings box... - it crashes if i try to open it... - better to disable it if not using it for anything)
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