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  1. I'm using the HiSP for ripping cd's, however, I'm going to try the HiLP for that as well. I've been capturing from the digital satellite with HiLP and it sounds incredible.
  2. Wow... that answer helps so much, and I thank you. I had a good laugh at your 48k review. Well, I've updated my sonicstage and I'm going to give your ratings a try. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm new to MD (loving it by the way) and I would like to know for those of you who have been doing the atrac thing for a while, how true is the 48kbps? Which do YOU recommend? I would love to find out for myself, however, my sonicstage 3.0 rips are distorted. I'm stuck on mp3 until I figure out what's wrong. Oh, I'm selling all my iPod crap as well... I believe that I'M the one who is actually thinking different. Thanks a bunch for any help.
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