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  1. Hi, I'm new to HiMD and to this forum. Bought a refurb NH600 at a Sony Store, got it home & loved the concept but hated the display, so went for a new RH10, and love the display & the sound, but am having titling problems on 1GB disks - the 55,000 character limit fills up when the recording space on disk itself is only about 80% full. I'm trying to get a full disk of classical CDs on at 48 kbps - and painstakingly typing in reduced-character titles doesn't seem to yield enough extra space for even one additional CD. Any ideas of how to get around the 55,000 character limit would be greatly appreciated. This limit is not a problem on 60/74/80 minute discs in HiMD mode, as I'm assuming that they also have the same 55,000 characters for about 1/3 the recording space on a 1GB disc. Thanks, Rich
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