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  1. Plz tell These rcontrols(i already mentioned) work with new models like RH10? cause rh10 ships with rcontrol lcdless its sucks
  2. i wonder if i buy RM-MC12ELK or RM-MC11EL will they work with my oldie mz-r500 or no ? anyone tried ? tnx u
  3. as for me it is the critical disadvantage of md technology eahh anyway i am md user and i like all about mds but it makes me mad
  4. eaahh man grabbing yr md and absorbing and gliding all shocking things by muscles in hands is one thing and having md in yr pocket is another thing try and u will see the difference may be its suits u best holding md all the way of doing trip but not for me
  5. u surely ll get it by simple constantly shocking md for minute or two its depends from a record quality lp4(320sec),lp2(160sec),stereo(80)
  6. hmm that sounds not encourageous man a u sure that isnt yr record skiping? if not that md technology shock is still crap
  7. I bought my md mzr500 4 years ago time past aways and i realised that i want some new model / RH10 looks exactly fine My old md got a problem with antishock /I mean in lp4 he got more than 300 seconds of antishock but anyway it wasnt enough for jogging runnig etc . After a minute of running sound always been lost because of trembing / I wonder what is current situation with new models tnx u guys
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