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  1. Will PCM work on all units or only on HI-D units? I have never used it because Sonic Stage or Simple Burner had to be in Hi MD settings.
  2. Can anyone tell me what is the same bit rate as SP? The lowest I see in SonicStage is 48, and if I want a disk to play on my home unit I have to record at real time and I am not sure what that is. It wont play anything that has been compressed. Drew Williams
  3. I have tried formating/"initializing" from the unit, from SonicStage, Simple Burner, another computer, all five MD's that I have and none of the three will initialize, it simple is narrowing it down to the unit itself. Sony wants me to send it in. I have been advisef not to, if I can live with it just byrning regular MD's, and I can, just keep it. Sending it to Sony would just bea start to other possible problems. And I have heard this from other people too so it isnt just my expereience. Once most companies get really big, they dont really care about piddly ass problems. So Phil (a fantastic man, for those that dont know him)at MinidiskAcsess told me to just send the disk in and he would make it righ witj me. The man actually emailed and called me on his buck, now that it above the call of duty. He cares about his customers. Impressed me! But I do want to thank you for taking the time for writting to the forum to try to help me. I am just gonna leave it as it is. I just wondered if tis ever happened to anyone else. Drew Of coarse...I wish it were that simple. As everyone in MD land they eat batteries. I got a re-chargable unit that came with 8 AA and 4 AAA so I am covered there. It doesnt have a AC input and it doesnt recharge batteries (the unit). I have tried everything and as mentioned above, I give up, not even Sony has an answer except "send it in". But thanks for trying and taking the time to write in. Drew I thought of that too, but it wants to be "initalized" before recording. The model I have makes you so you cant just start off recording, even Sony said it "had to be initalized" because it writes system files to the begining of the disk befor recording. But Good guestion! Thanks for writing tho'. Drew
  4. I have only one Hi-D unit and it is a MZ-NH600D. The three disk I have; one is black with a red strip around it that came with the unit, the other two are the traslucent blue. When I put them in the machine it ask me if I want to format, I respond yes. It tells me it is writing system files and vibrates like it is doing something then it shuts off. When I turn it back on, it does the same thing. When I try to format in SonicStage or Simple Burner it doesnt even recognise the unit. I called Sony and havent gotten anything but "pass the problem" to someone else and they want more money and for me to send the unit in, more money. It isnt even a year old yet. But what puzzles me is that it works just fine with regular minidisk that arent HI-D. I cant figure it out. I am not a newbie, I have 5 MD and a home caponate and a portable Walkman Stick 1 gig flash unit. You would think as many Sony products that I have registered I wouldnt be getting the run around. So I dunno. Is there anything that I can do to trick it? Drew Williams
  5. Has anyone out there ever had a problem with a Hi-D not accepting a hi-D disk, to record or to format but will record on a regular minidisk? I have 5 minidisk units and none of them will format the three hi MD's that I have. I have tried to do it manually with the unit itself and I have tried to use SonicStage and Simple Burner, but neither will recognise the disk. I contacted Sony and they want proof of purchase and $61.00 to fix the problem. Without proof of purchase they want $161.00 to fix it. That is more than the whole unit cost. In fact twice the amount. I descided since it plays and records on regular minidisk just fine to not mess with sending it in. I just wondered if anyone knew how to format it to use them as regular md's or knew how to fix the problem. Any help would be helpful. Thanks, Drew Williams moonriverbear@cox.com
  6. They are in the "downloads" section, along with "live recordings" and other things to download. They have their own header, "backgrounds" Thanks Ishiyoshi, I will put them there and re-boot and see if that will do it. Drew
  7. I really liked a lot of the backgrounds posted to download for Sonic Stage. My question is which folder do I put all of the .jpegs in to be recognised in the "options", "background" to utilize them? Can anybody help me out? I have a lot of them and dont know what folder to put them in. Drew Williams
  8. Raster, I would like the Pink Floyd and Indigo Girls, how much do you want for them? Drew Williams
  9. Thanks to all of you that responded to my questions. I am gonna try everything that was suggested. I get my new MD-NZ510 tomarrow! I am like a kid on Christmas Eve! Again thanks you all. drew
  10. Hi all, I am new to the group and hope this doesnt insult anyones intelligence while asking. I have a NZ-NE410, very basic but I am very happy with it. I do a lot of my music on DVD audio and concert on DVD but I cant figure out how to rip the audio from them to put on mini disk. I am coping all my cd's and transfering them to MD. Can anyone subjest how to rip the audio from a DVD. Whick file do I need to rip, there is two file extentions. Can this be done? Or can I transfer the audio directly by using the line out on the minidisk hooked directly to my portable DvD player?Any help on this would be very gratefull. Also for my birthday in a few weeks, I am going to get a HD MZ-NH600D for home and a beautiful MZ-N510 for car and portible use. I am so excited! I am so glad that I found a great group of enthusiastist that have been bitten by the same bug on MD. I am starting from message 1 and reading all the post. Drew Williams
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