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  1. Hi MDX-400 Well i was the same person who had posted about the problem, i have been trying to work around it but to no luck, tried with SS 3.3 to no avail. Well guess will have to enter the names all over again in the Hi-MD from the deck itself. Thanks anyways for yor help. Cheers
  2. I have a Hi-MD micro-system CMT-AH10, bought in Japan. The system is recogonized in sonicstage 3.3 and song transfers all take place both back and forth. The problem is that when songs are transferred in Hi-MD format the song names and titles are not transfered. When the system is connected to the computer, in the transfer window of the MD system the song names are listed, but on the MD system its not displayed. If songs are transferred in normal MD format the names get transferred. I have tried with both MD and Hi-MD discs with the same result. Any ideas guys!!
  3. Use sonicstage, any version. Presently in the market is 3.3 which can be downloaded from sony. You can also download 3.2 from this website in the download section. After installing the software, you can convert mp3 to attrac3 and atrac3plus with a variety of bitrates Hope this helps
  4. Have tried pressing display etc, the display switches, but no names are shown
  5. Well Sonicstage does show the song names and artist names, but when transfered into the Hi-MD nothing shows. I have tried all formats so far, ATRAC3 & ATRAC3+ but to no avail. The problem with re-entering is that all the menu's are in Japanese, and after contacting SONY, they say that they don't supply any english manuals. Hence kinda stuck. Thanks
  6. Hi everybody, Just picked up this deck in Japan, CMT-AH10, real neat deck, plays Hi-MD, MD, Atrac3, CD, MP3, tape, radio, the works plus also is a NetMD player. http://www.sony.jp/products/systemstereo/CMT-AH10/index.html After reading the posts on this forum, have also downloaded SonicStage 3.2 The problem that i have is that the names of songs and artist's names are not transfered while transfering songs to the Hi-MD. Anyways to get around this or is this the way it is supposed to be. Thanks Sony
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