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  1. I am actually thinking of getting one! lol I like the max battery life :lol:

    I would love to hear your experiences with it after you get back from the Sony store. :)

    I am just waiting too see what this hdd player rumor turns out to be.

  2. an u can eaily replace the disc's plastic shell with another disc. of cuz u would have to waste a disc, depending on how badly u want those recordings.

    lol, I don't think there is any important info on them, some CD's that I have the disc for thats about it.

    But thats another Really good point! ^_^

  3. Err Grape Pop....

    Well it wan't exactly me.

    We had visitors (and as usual I am the one kicked out of my room! ) My pairents were in my room and my dad beein' the clumsy thing he is spilled grape pop all over my minidiscs, thankfully not my NH1 but about 90% of my disks are now dead (including 3 1GB Hi-MDs), but I don't have to time to figure out what ones they are so I still have them!!!!

    They tried to hide it so they all got mixed up! I didn't know untill I found purple stuff inside some of them! I coulden't figure out why some of them didn't work!

  4. You can remove the Connect Music Service module by deleting the EMD entry within SonicStage's registry. Proceed accordingly as outlined below:

    --> click Start-->Run-->type "regedit"

    --> locate "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\SonicStage\EMD"; then delete it.

    sorry but it makes more sence witout it as it is an offline installer lol
  5. There's a bug when you try to install it over previously installed SS

    I've fixed it and made a couple of small change to the installer, v. 1.13

    It will be up soon, by the meantime, make sure to uninstall SS first

    When can we expect the new version be uploaded? ;)

  6. Well I have now update the XGL/Compiz to XGL/Beryl under my Dapper install.. I initially didn't think it would be that much of a difference, but WOW! This is really awesome!

    Here is a video that shows some of the aspects of it:

    Somewhat similar to what Compiz was, but waaay better, and much easier to tweak and configure.

    Too bad my comp doesn't support 3D acceleration! :(

    I ended putting windows back on it, well at least till we get a router that likes ipv6.

    Windows is really bugging me! :wacko:

    But that would be real neat if i could get it to work. (If only)

  7. you can do that danny.

    in sonicstage

    -> tools

    -> options

    -> location to save files

    rofl, I was looking in the CD drive settings! ^_^

    Now I just want the folder hierarchy :lol: thanks.

    I would like to be able to drag and drop songs into Sonic stage for transfer onto MD.

    [Reason: Adding folders works but is much slower navigating to the drive/folder/sub folder etc, and if you have many thousands songs preloaded on SS it's kinda slow to start up, not to mention some song names crash the program. ]

    Do you mean drag and drop into the library? I have done this many times with sonicstage. It should work.

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