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  1. I've posted some information on the MZ-M200 to my Web site, including the PDF instruction sheet for Sony's new Mac upload software and links to a Sony Professional brochure highlighting the recorder's features. Best, Dale <http://home.earthlink.net/~mac-minidisc/>
  2. Americans spell "floppy disk" with a "K" because it is a shortened version of "diskette." There are, however, many other instances of "disk" in common American usage (spinal disk, solar disk, etc.). "Disc" with a "C" actually is the exception. Traditionally, it applies mostly to flat, circular A-V media like like LPs, Videodiscs and Compact Discs. "MiniDisc" follows this thinking. However, since it is a trademarked name, there's no excuse for a company's communications rep to misspell it. Sony's U.S. marketing and communications "professionals" have been clueless about MD since its launch. I'm not surprised they can't even spell it korrectly. It's as if a Chevrolet flack were to write about a Korvette, or someone from Kimberly-Clark were to promote "Cleanex." Sony should fire the whole lot for incompetence, if not attrocious grammar. P.S. - Dear Sony: I have a degree in journalism and have written hundreds of articles for local, regional and national publications. I can spell "MiniDisc" and, unlike your PR drones, understand the difference between a USB data connection and a USB audio feed. My resumé is available on request. Dale Webmaster, MiniDisc to Mac Tutorial
  3. I've posted the directory here: <http://home.earthlink.net/~mac-md1> Just click on the link to the zipped file, and it will ftp. This directory is for five tracks recorded in Linear PCM mode to a Hi-MD blank. The tracks are :04, :04, :05, :07, and :05 seconds. Best, Dale
  4. How do I get my hands on this directory? Dale
  5. I tested this feature last night, and even though the manual doesn't say so, you CAN manually adjust recording levels on the MZ-M100 while recording is in progess. (1) Place the unit in record-pause mode; (2) Change the recording-level setting to "Manual" using the MZ-M100's menu system; (3) start recording; (4) move the scroll wheel up and down to change levels (an on-screen bar graph provides relative feedback without obscuring the MZ-100's stereo input-level meters). Thanks for the tip, A440! Dale
  6. I'll try it tonight, using the process that works with my MZ-R909, and let you know what happens. My 909 manual says that unit can't be adjusted during recording, when in fact it can, so maybe there is hope for the MZ-M100. Dale
  7. I've added links to PDFs of the MZ-M100 and Hi-MD WAV Importer operating instructions: http://home.earthlink.net/~mac-minidisc/Mac-MD/MZ-M100.html The MZ-M100 owner's manual clearly states that the unit must be placed in record-pause mode to adjust manual recording levels. Best, Dale
  8. In response to an earlier question: Only recordings made through the mic / line input can be uploaded with the Hi-MD Wav Importer software. Digital dubs via the optical input will not upload.
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