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  1. When let ppl help u decide what to buy, u should let know what's u proposed usage of the MD set: ) If u r buying as a player for listening to music, honestly I recommend U a good quality mp3 player, much easier to use, with competitive sound quality, If U really care about sound quality a lot, CD player would be a better choice. If u r buying as a recorder for recording live concerts, yes, MD is a good choice. I recommend U get a HiMD instead of NetMD. It's nearly impossible to digital upload Net MD recorded music to PC. FYI. sth U need to watch out when buying, N1 or N10, since new sets hard to find. N1 got famous ribbon cable problem, dun buy if U r not strong in DIY repair... btw, no backlight on set N10, battery not replaceable. N910, never use before, no comment Good luck, heh
  2. seems everytime start recording, must set the level again....
  3. I'm using a MZ-N1, recording live concert. Even if I set the Mic Sens to Low, still sometime got clipping when recording loud music, and applause My mic doesn't have any buttons on. I'd like to know besides the Mic sens low, is there any other method to adjust the recording level. Thanks, all!~ wah... sorry to disturb u all. just search thru the manual again, found it...
  4. thanks. may consider upgrading later..... money...money....
  5. Using toslink is a bit slow in real-time. is it possible to do thru USB to get the best quality from CD to MD in SP mode? for some music, LP2 is really not good enough Thank you, guys here. Without U, with SONY manual alone, using MD would be a mistake.
  6. 1. point ur cursor on the transfer tab and select MD 2. click on the playlist u want to transfer and then click the arrow to transfer to your MD. Does this work?
  7. Thank you so much. I really can't believe this is true. SONY===〉Trash! I bought MD only for recording concerts. it put me in so much trouble.
  8. i'm with SS3.2 Winxp sp2 when I try to transfer my recording to PC. always pop up "Unable to transfer to the computer. Untitled" pls help... Thanks
  9. Part I(3 pages) http://www.pconline.com.cn/digital/audio/j...301/273607.html Part II(5 pages) http://www.pconline.com.cn/digital/audio/j...301/273606.html These 2 articles show how they "reconnect" (solder) the easy broken ribben cable in N1. Both in Chinese(I'm from China), I think the pix can tell already....
  10. Thank U very much for your long reply! Actully, I have mp3 already. I buy MD only for recording purpose, wanna record some live concerts. Those mp3s can use external mic are too expensive.
  11. I C. actually It's the ribbon cable problem
  12. Hi, Veezhun, what's the model number of the Aiwa mic? I wanna get a low price small size stereo mic for live classical concert also. Thank you!
  13. many of us.... so scaring I'm thinking of getting a secondhand N1.....
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