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  1. Thanks AllanH for the wiring info, George
  2. Thanks everyone for the tips. One more question, if you can answer for me... I need to fashion an XLR female connector to the 1/8" connector plug for the minidisc mic in. What should the connections be: hot -> tip cold -> ring ground -> sleeve ?? Because the XLR connector is balanced how should this be wired? Thanks for your help George
  3. I am actually considering purchasing a c-ducer contact microphone. I like to do sound effect and field recording and this mic is pretty neat. It picks up vibrations through surfaces-an interesting way of recording! They sell two models-one is a battery powered unit that has a 1/4" jack as output. The other is balanced XLR type that requires phantom power... Was hoping to purchase the latter one because it would probably yield better results but not sure if plug in power would be enough to power it... Any ideas?? George.
  4. Hey everyone- Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this topic for me. I own a Sony MZ-NH1 Hi-MD recorder and I want to use it with studio quality condenser microphones. Is this possible via the plug in power through the mic input jack? Will the microphone work properly or is there not enough voltage to power it? Would I need to purchase a separate phantom power box with a built in preamp to connect a condenser mic to my minidisc recorder? Thanks for any tips, George.
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