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  1. having problem transfering files now. As I am transfering the files I can listen to them fine and they are all on my mini disc, but once they have been transfered I only get like 1 sec of each track - why is this?
  2. great I will download tonight EDIT: I got it recognising the first group just have to work out the right why to get the audio to transfer
  3. un able to use this app coz I'm old I don't have .net realtime library installed. I can't find this anywhere!
  4. debragrant


    right I have a recording I made but I went and recorded it at very low volume (didn't realise this at the time) only I've uploaded to PC can I increase the volume before I transfer to CD so the sound on the cd is higher?
  5. I recently recorded a gig and being the idiot that I am I had the volume down low. Is there anyway I can increase this when I transfer it to PC?
  6. i have - line in jack, mic in jack and speaker/line out/headphone jack okay so i've downloaded the programme but I get an error and can't run it
  7. thats alot argos have it for £99.99 though none in stock
  8. I'm looking at getting Sony MZNH700 as it's cheap. I have looked at different descriptions of the product and some say it has mic in but some don't Also looking at the Sony MZNH900 but I can't find a store that has it in stock
  9. thinks i'm looking for a cheap NH700 or RH910 then lol
  10. thanks so then will i be able to upload to PC easily?
  11. so what cable do i need and how do i connect my player to my laptop? do i only need this software and not audacity? I can track my files on my minidisc so I might try the direct transfer.
  12. okay thanks i just got a cheap Net-MD and realised that I can't upload to PC. Any cheap Hi-MD that upload to PC with Mic-in?
  13. hi I am wondering if this Hi-MD minidisc can upload to PC? also music recorded on a Net-MD can it be uploaded with Hi-MD?
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