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  1. To make this short and to the point, I went to see Lamb of God lastnight. I've recorded handfuls of concerts but I have never been able to get it right. I've sat at the opposite end of the arena a the top of the balcony rows, i've been right in front of the L or R stack, i've been in the middle of the floor, 17th row to the front side of the stage. Basically i've recorded from any possible seating arrangement. My recordings always come out with distortion. I've had many shows to play with the Manual AGC, anywhere from 15 to 30. But I still havn't figured out where to set the AGC depending on when i'm seated/standing. And equipment is Core Sound CSB's > Battery Box > Line-In Sony MZ-NHF800 I've always found that my recordings come out muffled, lots of bass, and the vocals are very 'off in the distance'. For this show I set the AGC 30/30 (obviously my own mistake). I was still playing around with 20-30, and I think 30 really bit me in the ass this time. I was standing directly in front of the LH sub stack with the main stack hanging above me. But I had a prefect clear view of the stage so my mics should have been able to pick up the sounds off the the drum set and amps on the stage. But vocals would have to have been reverbed back to me. My real question is is there any way to fix this recording with any editor? The link below is about a 3 minute clip, starting at the intro. The beginning is the intro and it sounds alright, just distorted as always when the dB go quite high. But then the bass drum kicks and it all goes to shit, then they start playing and it becomes a junk recording all together . Intro.mp3 Is there any way I can edit this recording to enjoy an awesome concert again or should I just abandon it and wait for next time?
  2. that would explain it, considering at a rock concert it is always blaring loud
  3. Another day, another live recording. This time a change from the normal pace of rock concerts and 140db standing infront of the stacks. Today was Phantom of the Opera. So with me, hidden within my dress clothes, was my MZ-NHF800 and CSB's. Show starts, I start recording. Switch HI-MD discs at intermission. Get home to find 247 tracks on the first disc and 164 on the second. This has NEVER happened before. Years of live recording with MD players and this is the first time I have ever had more than 1 track on a disc. I dont know what caused this to happen, why it happened, or anything. I see Sonic Stage has a 'combine' feature, so im trying that on the .omg file and I really hope that after it combines them its gapless or my recording is beyond ruined. Has anybody ever had this happen with their recordings? The MD player was in my pocket like it always was, with hold on, but yet it created all these tracks. So I have two discs, both 1 1/2 hours in length, 247 tracks on one, 164 on the other
  4. CSB's can use two types of battery boxes. One has a bass roll-off filter. It filters out any bass below 120db (I think).
  5. First of all here's my setup CSB's > battery box (fixed) > MZ-NHF800 Line In After I get the show I hook the MD up and run Sonic Stage. I get the .oma track onto my computer and use HiMD Renderer to convert it to .wav. As with line-in recordings the levels are always low and have to be fixed. This is where my problem comes in. I use a program called Clean! v4.0 to fix up my recordings. I can take out clicks, hums, rumbles, noise, all that good stuff. I can put track marks in with it. I can boost the recording levels to a volume I find acceptable. It sounds quite good when i'm done except for the distortion on high treble volumes. The recording crackles when there is an excess or a loud amount of treble such as the crowd screaming after the song ends or just the music that the mics have recording during the song. I've heard great, great recordings from CSB's > MD players and I don't understand why I can't get mine to sound close to them. That also brings me to the point about I havn't touched any levels or anything on my MD player. It's basically mics > out-of-the-box player. I've been reading some threads on the levels thing but I am unsure of if this will help my crackling problem at high levels. Maybe it has something to do with the program I am using? Im sure that Clean! isn't meant for this kind of sound editing. Is there possibly any suggestions on a good program to use for editing recordings? Thanks
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