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  1. Hey everyone! I got two MD players for sale on ebay and also a zen case and some blank designer TDK MDs for sale on ebay! Everything starts at .99 cents and I will combine shipping if you win more than one item. I will also ship international. Here are the item numbers: Sony MZ-RH10 110235779322 Panasonic MJ500 110236980915 Zen 8 pack case 110236982563 TDK 80min designer MDs 110236985403 Hey! If you into Neogeo pocket stuff, check out my other auctions while you're there!
  2. Hi there! I have to move over seas in 8 months, and im trying to pack EXTREMELY light. As such, Im selling like 90% of what I own. More specificly, what I can contribute to the Mini Disc community is: 1 Black SONY MZ-RH10. I have all the accessories and box ($240) http://www.generationmp3.com/images/News/0_mars/t13.jpg 1 Green Panasonix MJ500. No box, but I have all the accessories except the marble carry tie pouch. ($90) http://panasonic.co.jp/corp/news/official....n050824-1-1.jpg Both models are straight from Japan, but both have english dislpays. The Sony is a Hi-MD player and recorder, one of the top 3 MD players on the market if you ask most. The Panasonic is a newer gen player as well, but is MDLP instead of Hi-MD. The Panasonic comes with a docking/charging stereo speaker craddle. The speakers are real neat cause they have configurable LED lights that light up when you play MD's. I would rate the Sony in A-/B+ condition because of a 1/2 inch scratch on the mirror finish, otherwise flawless. The Panasonic is A. Pefect shape except for VERY little signs of minimal wear. Price is somewhat negotiable because I'd love to help out the community. I also have 1 ZEN zip-up MD case (Holds 16) 10 80 min TDK neon nature (http://www.minidisco.com/TDK-MD-WA80MX10N?sc=12&category=4) 15 74 min Sony standard colors 1 1GB Sony Hi-MD If you want to buy anything, let me know by private message. With you address, I can calculate shipping costs on usps.com. I hope to get some of my own pictures up later. Thanks for looking!
  3. SWEET Thanks for the info! These fit the bill perfectly!
  4. Hi there~! I got a Panasonic MJ500 that I just bought for my slow nights at work. (I work graveyard at a hotel). Its a great little MD unit, but the headphones it comes with are terrible. I have a set of Sony MDR-XD400 that I love. However, its too large for work. I need earbuds so I dont mess up my hair at work, or so a guest can easily talk to me without me trying to take off a audio-like-helmet. I dont know much about earbuds, but there seem to be some pretty expensive ones out there.... Is there any comparable to my large MDR-XD400? Im looking for something under $100. Of course, the less expensive, the better.... any suggestions? Thank you guys!!!
  5. Oh this hurts to say. But I think Im going to put up my MZ-RH10 on ebay. I really dont want to. I just don't use it enough to justify keeping it. As much as this hurts to sell it, its better that a worthy person gets use out of it than keep sitting on my shelf. My problem is, I have been out of the scene for about a year and a half. I really dont know the worth or value of my player. Can you guys give me some sugguestions as far as a price range I should ask for? Its the Japanese model, black, and I have every wire, cable, plastic, and wiretie it came with. The only downsides is there is a scratch below the sony logo on the mirror finish. Also, the Ni-MH battery doesnt hold a charge like it used to. I am not posting this for sale. I know there is another forum for that. I am merly asking what the value should be. I will post it here and ebay when I am ready to sell. Maybe you guys could also talk me into keeping it! Thank you so much for your help! You guys have always been so helpful to me! Half the reason I am so sad to see it go is the great community that supports this culture will be missed. Thank you! -Joey
  6. I think that in order for sonys 'connect' to compete with apples 'itunes', it needs to go to a greater level. I mean they could go cheaper with downloads, and rasie the quality, but really, that wont bring the masses. What will bring the masses to the online store, is the product they are using to listen to. So as people were saying, they need to devlop exciting walkmans, with quality and features that BLOW apples' mind. The masses want the 'it' item. In 1979, it was Sonys walkman portable player. Something that, back then, was considered small, attractive, and had good quality. So they should make something super small, super attractive, good quality, and with incredible 'it' factor. These are all things the japanese excell at in manufacturing. I agree that music is much better owned physicaly than just a bunch of downloads.
  7. Yes, they most definetly should. The local store for me (im in a small utah college town for school right now) is whats called a 24k store. Best Buy stores are rated in differnt numbers. The higher the number, the bigger the store and more products it carries. 24k is the smallest best buy store layout they make. And if this po-dunk town with the smallest best buy layout has 3 differnt MD players to choose from, you better believe the other stores would have it. And like I said, you can pay for it in the store today, and have them pull it from another store if you cant find it on the shelf. It takes about 3 days to get to your local bestbuy where you can pick it up without paying shipping, etc. Its a great model for the price, its gonna be great when you find it. Let us know!
  8. You may have to go in and check for yourself. I worked for best buy for 3 years. Theres so many things I cant stand about that place. One of them is how quicly they will hire a 15 year old that has no idea or area of expertiese in the department they are in. I guess Im saying theres a good chance you talked to someone that was just brushing you off. Best buy does carry it. My friend bought that model we are talking about from best buy just a week ago. AND best buy sells blank MDs, wich I just bought a 15 pack yesterday! So they should deffinetly have MD products. And as a bestbuy rule, if they dont have it in stock, they check other stores for the item and have it sent to them so you can buy it at your local store. So it is possible. Just (crosses fingers) try to talk to someone that knows something.
  9. I was only refering to how you said you needed a portable audio upgrade from a 32MB MP3 player. That model should be nice for you. If I am correct, I believe it comes with a 1GB disc in the package. Without spending $200-$300 its a one of the greatest. But yeah Best Buy should have it. Best Buy and bestbuy.com have always had poor communication, as often the stores and online store have differnt products. But I hope you can get ahold of one! have fun! and dont forget these forum guys for help, they are the best!
  10. Recently added: Curtis Mayfield - Super Fly (Soundtrack) Donny Hathaway - Donny Hathaway Live
  11. If you go to your nearest bestbuy, the have that model (MZNH600D) for under $100 bucks. It used to be $150, but they are currently being clearanced. It should be $99 or below depending on how badly your current Best Buy wants to get rid of it. Ive seen it as low as $69 at my neighboring towns Best Buy. Since you are upgrading your old player, a Hi-MD unit will mean longer time between upgrades. Because Hi-MD has only been out a little over a year, it means your at the front of the MD technology and with that model, you wont break the bank. The other good thing about that model is the jog dial lets you easily scroll through those play-lists you have.
  12. A little bit theres a square cut out of the back about the size of a nickel
  13. I dont think a Hi-MD car stereo deck would be a bad idea. It may not become the standard, but I would buy one! Im sad to hear this news of mini-disc going away, but when I bought my RH10, i still knew this would happen. I never thought it would become the new standard for people. But it works great for me. I learned a big lesson about 2 years ago. I was born and rasied in a community of people that had to have the hottest, most expensive item they could find. A Community were still to this day there is no Walmart for at least a 2 hour drive. Sometimes, this lead to overpriced-overhyped products, other times, it lead to someone accidently stumbbling on a quality product. 2 years ago, I traveld a lot across the states (and still am) for school. I learned that most places werent like the place I grew up. Most places had people that were smarter with thier money to blow it on overpriced junk. However, in this same mindset, Ive found most (not all) those people tighter on their money, will buy cheap low quality items. Thats what the masses want. Thats why Walmart is so big. I understand opther peoples opinons, but in my own, I feel the drag and drop is cheaper low quality. Few years ago, I was downloading MP3s like crazy. Singles, diffrent quality levels, mis-named MP3s. I was dragging and dropping with my frist 32MB player. The Minidisc taught me something. The beauty of an album and uniform sound. Having all my sound quality all the same again made my music feel more 'clean'. And I went back to listening to the WHOLE album instead of random songs. It made me understand the artist I love more and more. I know ipods can technicaly do all of that, but its not my style, and i like to have a disc i can actually feel. something I can wiggle in my hand as I look at my friend and say "You GOT to hear this!!" I want to thank Minidisc for that, and I hope whatever comes next will do the same for me. Beacuase I dont want to go back to the drag and drop.
  14. I have! Im still trying to decide what edition I want of that one before I buy it
  15. Hey yall~! I just started my MD collection, and Im looking to trade some MDs to gain some new stuff So far I got Donny Hathaway - Everything is everything Donny Hathaway - These songs for you, Live! Isaac Hayes - Shaft The Funk Brothers - Greatest Hits (motown studio band... think motown insturmentals) Marvin Gaye - What's Going On DELUXE EDITION ( 2 CD set! Hard to find!) and I got albums from a DJ that mixes jazz, soul, disco, and funk those include Dimitri from Paris - Night at the playboy mansion Dimitri from paris - After the playboy mansion ( 2 CD set ) Dimitri from paris - Disco Forever ( 3 CD set ) Dimitri from paris - crusing attitude dimitri from paris - my salsoul dimitri from paris - in the house ( 2 CD set ) All my stuff is in Hi-SP and I will probably use 80 min discs... Im looking for any soul, funk, r&B, preferably old stuff, new stuff would have to be michal jackson or usher. Thanks guys!
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