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  1. We're on version 3.90 now, not much updating has been going on in this site lately. http://www.us.playstation.com/PSP/About/SystemUpdate
  2. That would be so cool, I suddenly want to sell my iPod to some sucker, if the time comes lol If I can find it I so want it!!!!
  3. I so want this player, a shame I can't afford it, and I haven't seen it in Canada! Edit: so amazed by the player I forgot to thank you for the review... So here it is; Thanks for taking the time to make this review and showing us that wonderful audio player!
  4. I heard about this, great news for the green people (and I don't mean those mars people)
  5. is there any offline installer for this, official or unofficial, I would like to get a backup of it! Thanks.
  6. Lumines Rocks, has to be my new fav.!
  7. pspvideo9 does full res videos just fine imo! although I don't really have the space on my psp for that kinda file videos. Its a shame.
  8. Well we all know Dark_AleX retired, so perhaps Sony is on the winning streak, well at least until some Russian hacker released a 3.51 custom firmware. That being said, I think Sony can only dream to win this battle.
  9. DannyB37

    After all that....

    Am I right in thinking that its a goodbye for good for homebrew with this one?
  10. DannyB37

    After all that....

    As soon as that is officially confirmed, I'm in! Although leaving home brew would be hard.
  11. DannyB37

    After all that....

    It doesn't seem worth upgrading for current psp owners, (well for me anyway), its a shame they didn't make a brighter screen, thats all I really want. ok I wouldn't buy a new psp just for that, but still this dousn't look aimed at current psp owners. Unless you REALLY want to hook up a portable games console to a TV? blah!
  12. thats amazing its such a popular game... well theres always ebay?
  13. Yeah it is, I honestly don't know of one that is homebrew orientated... unless psp3d.com is?
  14. Cross Media Bar the general interface basically, themes and such. (I think) And your so lucky for it to come with that, although its basically a hacked firmware! Although this conversation if it get any deeper could cause trouble, I don't know the legality of all this.
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