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  1. Up for sale are the following items. All quotes are for shipping to con. US paypal confirmed address. 1. Sony EH-70 Silver in excellent condition. Comes with all accessories but no manual and box. $50 shipped. 2. 10 pack TDK WA 74 min $15 shipped. 10 pack TDK ho 80 min $15 shipped. 5 pack Victor color mix 74 min $9 shipped. All in sealed package. Take $5 off each item except for the first one if you buy multiple item. 3. Some free stuff. If you bought any item above. tell me what you want. If you did not buy them, you can still request some but shipping will be extra. So I prefer that they go with the purchaser. I reserve the right to reject any requests. There are 2 extra sony 60 min discs not pictured. And only one of the two Hi-md discs will be available. Please pm or reply if interested.
  2. I have a US version NH-600D, UNIT ONLY, up for sale. $15 shipped to cont. US. Will take paypal non-cc and ship to confirmed address. Pls pm or reply if you are interested. Thanks. update: sold to A WHOLE LOT
  3. I would say do not worry about software, worry instead whether the flimsy NH600Ds can last you 5 years.
  4. Not going to happen, though I like to see it happen as much as you do. This will require SONY to entirely ditch any DRM mechanism in the MD/HiMd system, and that may be a bit too much to expect from a media giant.
  5. And do not forget you got a better Remote, so you are not really losing here.
  6. I have quitted recording music on MD/HiMD since early 2006. To be exact, I have abandoned all players that do not allow free, unrestricted transfer of files as a mass storage device. Unfortunately, not many choices in US. I now only use my RH1 for audio books and the like, since I fail to find another player in the market that has (1) an error-free and precise resume function, which is very important ; (2) A full-functional remote control, and I truly do not understand why it seems no one cares about this in US consumer market. RH1 is a very nice player hardware-wise. I may acquire another one before it goes antique just for collection and fond rememberance, since I have been dealing with the format for more than 10 years. But rightnow, I have had enough with that BS SonicStage.
  7. The handy remote is one big plus for MD/HiMD over most other PMP, say, Ipod. I always find it amusing seeing people walking and holding their I-whatever since they have otherwise no way to control it.
  8. By "cheating on MSRP", I meant listing an arbitrarily high and unreal price to create an impression of huge discount, like the "$499 MSRP" we may see on the site.
  9. I see no reason that you want to choose the company over minidisco. I may trust ebay Chinese sellers more than those no-name NY company, and I do not care for the practice of cheating on MSRP.
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