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  1. Hello all, ive been using sonic stage to record from my pc, and have been putting on some tunes, but when i go to play them back they arent there. i go to put more tunes on and it says that they are ie in the loading screen for transfer it shows all the previous tracks but they arent there when i try to listen......where are they, is the disc itself screwed or what. Often if i put say more than 8 tracks in at a tiime it will slowly transfer 3 and then convert the next but get stuck, which will last until i unplug the device and try and start again. Any help will be appreciated, im using 3.3 version sonic stage but am running on a slow old comp..if that is of any relevance.
  2. Hello all, i have just got hold of a nh 900 and am pretty chuffed with it except that i cant seem to be able to get it to recaord thru the PC, every time i connect it i get a message saying device not recognised, im trying to burn downloaded free tracks off a mp3 cd and cant get past the message device not recognised what do i need to do, it is probably simple but is more complicated by the fact that the OS is in Korean, Im a teacher ( of sorts) here. Any help will be gratefully recieved, also from the manual i get the impression that there should be 2 cd roms one for simple burner and the other for sonic stage, i onklyhave the one for sonic stage and when i installed it i didnt see an icon also for simple burner. The version i have is 1.5 can i get a newer version to help me, is this part of the problem. Thanks all
  3. Hello all im looking for a device to transfer digi photos to a HI mD the obvious choice is the Sony MCMD R1 but i was wondering if anyone else had made an alternative to this, and if so how does it compare in cost and spec. Thanx for your help on this and all my other questions
  4. Thank you will the mcmd r1 work with other storage systems such as a sd card, the camera im thinking of getting is canon s2 1s which obviously doesnt have memory stick so i would be wanting to transfer from a sd card to the hi md, is that ok with the mcmd r1
  5. Sorry to be a pain,Thanks for the reply, is the mcmd r1 the only product that i can use to transfer photos to Hi md
  6. Basically the title covers it all, ive just bought a nh900 to travel with and am now thinking that i havent got he ability to transfer my digital photos to it via the mcmd r1 is this true
  7. Thanks for all the advice im ordering a nh 900 today all your help is much appreciated. Ill fill you in on what im up to since some of you seem a bit interested. My nam eis rich and ive spent the best of the last 8 years travelling around our planet, about 3 yrs ago i met a guy in Laos wjo had cycled around the world finding his wife in the process, id just taken to cycling around SE Asia, as soon he told me that you could cycle AK to Arg, i was pretty much hooked it just seemed so cool to me. Well i went home UK and did alkot of research too much i got my knickers in a twist thinking i needed this and that, all rubbsih, all i needed was the nerve to get going. Last June i flew to Vancouver cycled up van. island and cayght a ferry to AK ( it has a hot but short summer), from Haines which to me was equal in ascetic appeal to the himalayas i crosed back ointo Canada and then did a long loop,(600miles) part of the longest sinle road in the world ALCAN highway., back into AK. Cycled up to Denali and then pretty much turned around and headed out o\f AK just before the first frosty nights. Whilst in AK i met nothing but good vibes all the way, got some good work which helped financially whilst bringing into to contact with soime first class folk, stayed at someone orchard for 3 weeks and basically became part of the family it was hard top leave, met 2 mad texans aged 70 and 69 they were so funny, probably the funniest people ive ver met i still laff at the things they did just for fun. On the way into Canada as i said on the longest single roda in the world i was faced with 1300 miles of nothingness as they had bad forest fires that yr i could not see the mtns and nearly went crazy, i actually thought i was seeing cyclist coming my way but as i got closer i would realise it was a tree or the like, never underestimate the power of solitude combined with wishful thinikng. Mind you about 500kms from the end of the road i got stuck in bad rain and a car stopped to offer help at first i refused as i wanbted to test both me and the rain gear out, the car drove off it was a woman, then 10 mins later came back....use your imaginations. Due to the lateness of my departure from AK ( I luv that place and the people) i got stuck by the first snows of the canadian winter coming out of edmonton after saying good by to my kindly driver, wink wink. About 4 hrs into it another woman she offered me a ride, the icy winds were enough to put you off your food so i accepted thats how imet Jane, she was a lama farmer and had just ridden horseback across 2 provinces with her 2 grandsons, i stayed with the family for just over a week, it so soo cool, met beaver trappers goldminers and a old english chap that had been there for 50 yrs and done more than you could imagine. Then i wne to Banff where i was lucky in 2 respects io was thining that i would need to go toChina to teach for 6 mths but managed to get a job, best of all imet anna marie, weve been together pretty much since, i cnat believe how lucky ive been . I left Banff mid jan and flew to San Fran alone cycled down the coast and then across to Death valley , Mojave and Jioshua tree whilst there i got an email from AM saying to find her a bike she would be meeting me in San diego, so that what i did. Weve been together since March, cycled Baja California, headed back to Usa met 2 of the best people ever Dean and Leilas and cycled utah, now we are in Korea earning cash to finish the rest of the trip. We are working for 6 mths and then leaving our boss should be shot and leaving wont be hard at all especially with prospect of heading ionto Central am amd Sth am. This is a pretty long email but believe me it is pretty breif, thanks again ill tel you more if i aint bored the pants off you all. Take care.
  8. You recommend the rh10 what are the advantages of this model over the nh900, im a bit confused i will write more soon about what im doing but i have to ngo to work, cycling the length of two continents isnt cheap, im currently in Korea saving pennies to finish the trip off i got as far as Mexico before i broke my bike in half, ill explain and finally ran out of money. Tell you later take care all
  9. Thanks for the replies much appreciated ill look into the i audio but i reckon the minidisc will be more versatile on the whole still it is not a closed case. Recording from source is really a bonus and not the be all and end all so they may be possible for me, most important is battery options and versatility followed just by weight and compactness
  10. Hello new to the world of Hi md but have had many old school minidisc in tyhe past. At the moment im travelling by bicycle from Alaska to Argentina and am looking for ways to lose weight one such way is to buy a hi md and get rid of all the cds im carrying around, as im often in interesting places with a desire to record thge sounds of these places an ipod, mp3 player is not really what i want. Im also carrying around a slr camera and at times 20 plus films, it mounts up i can tell you, especially up some of the hills, anyway, so i would like to get hold of a digital camera, now im sure that as far as playback and record the mindisc is the way forward but could i also transfer digital images to an hi md, everything i saw until today lead to believe that i would be able to do so but ive just looked at sony,s website and they sell a special hi md that holds photos so this as put doubt into the picture, well if you could fill me in id be grateful. Thanks in advance
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