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  1. I Believe the MZ-RH1 is weak at preventing skipping too. I have used Minidisc for about 10 years now and I have never had sound drop outs when running with an MD unit. I hold the the unit in my hand so it isn't subjected to much vibration and every so often it stops with the RH1, and doesn't start playing again until I press pause and then pause again. (I have tried stopping to let unit fill buffer, but it never restarts) I this something to do with G-Shock protection? Is this a mechanism to sense large shocks and shuts the unit down?? My MZ-R3, R50 never had a problem. the R50 had 40 seconds of buffer, the RH1 has about 3 - 4 minutes of buffer at 256kbps! I am wondering if because the Hi-MD format is harder to read then it has a harder job during vibration. If I record Hi-SP to normal, 80min discs, it is less susceptible to skipping. Lion
  2. Brilliant! Cheers Orion!! Great help. Lion
  3. Hi Orion! thanks for the reply! that's a shame about the battery remaining! With the editing functions, holding down the display button wouldn't work I don't think as on the RM-MC40ELK I seem to remember that one had to hold down the jog dial for a couple of seconds, then a menu came up, of which you could change settings etc?? Thanks for the info Lion
  4. I see what you are saying you don't want your portable device to running in saturation, causing distortion because of the capped output etc? I can't see this being the case. It would either be capped digitally before the headphone amplifier (the NH1 had digital feeds into the HD AMP on the circuit diagram) or a set of resistors to cap the output. so Orion can you check those RM-MC40ELK functionalities with the RH1 please? Thanks Lion
  5. Hi Orion I bought my RH1 a week ago after selling my NH1 on ebay. It's very nice I agree! A couple of things though. I think this has been discussed before, but I can't for the life of me find the topic...... If you plug in the RM-MC40ELK from the NH1 into the RH1 does it show the remaining battery time? I miss this as the RH1's remote won't show it! Also does it have all the editing functions on the remote as well, because as far as I can tell the RM-MC38ELK with the RH1 only allows titling. Also I've found that I can't title a track or group whilst recording with the RH1. I could however do this with the NH1, which is annoying. Would this be allowed with the RM-MC40ELK? I know this has been said before, but the lack of 'Group' button on the Main unit is absolutely ludicrous!! Why the hell was it taken off sony?! I have bought some screen protectors for the RH1's display as it seems to scratch easily! I recommend! BTW the volume output is much more than adequate! If anyone needs more volume like the Japanese version you should seriously have a hearing test!! Thanks Lion
  6. Yeah I found this site last week, but when I phoned up they said they are bought to order and have none in stock. so said 14 to 21 days to come through after being ordered. But after the shortage at Sony it's more likely to much longer!! Lion
  7. I think you are both wrong. Quality difference is between the black hashed lines, so quality goes from the bottom left to the top right. According to the chart the newer codec (Atrac3+) gives the same quality at lower bit rate (64kbps) as the older codec (Atrac) at higher bit rate (292kbps). Because as the years go on more cleverer codec’s can achieve a similar sound quality with a lower bit rate. I somehow don’t go along with this chart! Legacy SP in 1992 say on an MZ-R2 is better quality than 64kbp Atrac3+. The new Atrac3+ is extremely impressive for such a low bit rate and I think is just as good as 128kbps MP3, but I would have a real problem in saying it’s better than the 1992 SP Atrac! Lion
  8. mmm, it seems I succumbed to the temptation and ordered my MZ-RH1B from the above store in Cheltenham! So should get it next week! Apparently it was the only one they had in stock and it only arrived yesterday! so it was in and out of the door!! Can't wait!! I dropped into www.cheapelectricals.com and they said that there was a delay with Sonys stock so wouldn't get any til 7th July!! The price in their suppliers catalogue was £203! Lion
  9. I seem to have found a place that have the MZ-RH1B in stock in UK! http://www.thehifistore.co.uk/eshop/products/MZRH1B.htm still I'm not prepared to spend the full whack!!! Lion They Confirmed on the Phone that they have it in stock!! Lion
  10. I honestly don't know! I know previous models have been unlocked including the harddisk 20GB walkmans somehow. But yeah maybe it's capped in Hardware now.? ....But I doubt it because it would mean manufacturing a different PCB for the Europeans and I can't see that happening because of the extra costs involved. It would be much more cost effective to have the limiting function in Firmware so that it can be changed. Lion
  11. Yeah but the restriction can be overcome can't it? At least they'll have a proper UK warranty. Lion
  12. Just realised that www.cheapelectricals.co.uk is on my way home from work!! they're near Braintree in Essex, so if there's any trust issues, I'll go round there and break a few legs! LOL! Just sent them an email asking if they have the RH1 in stock. £210 including delivery isn't bad at all! But obviously I'd go collect it. http://www.cheapelectricals.co.uk/acatalog...ered_Free_.html Lion
  13. I don't know, just found them on the web. I've walked into Ask Electronics before though, they're ok. They are on Tottenham Court Road in London. They aren't always the cheapest, but when I bought my MZ-R50 back in 1997 they were reasonable. Lion
  14. The only UK Places I see selling MZ-RH1B are these but they say first batch will be July!!!! http://www.hifibitz.co.uk/product.asp?id=5496 http://www.askdirect.co.uk/search/Sony_MZRH1B.html This one says Due May. http://www.cheapelectricals.co.uk/acatalog...ered_Free_.html Lion
  15. mmm nice pics! Yes I am very sad and desparate! Lion
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