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  1. no problem, i got the 330 (black and orange). easy controls and great sound quality, im using the supplied headphones witch works great, i only play regular mp3s so dont really have any experence with atrac. best player for 50$ period
  2. i finally got this model yesterday from circuitcity for 49.99. and i am like amazed. the sound quality of this player is awsome lol. even with the supplied headphones i am happy with the sound. there are 3 clearbass options- none, 1, 2,3. on all 3 of the bass options there was no distortion whatsoevere. also there is a equalizer that changes the sound of the bass and treble of the music. there are 3 options to chose from.- soft, active, heavy. i guess with this you can customize the way you want to listen to your music.. now the 15w thing is also cool because it seems to be the loudest thing i have ever heard from a portable music anything, even when the volume is on max there is no distortion whatsoever ( and this with the stock headphones). it was so funny that circuitcity was selling the psyc d-ne330 fir 59.99 when that was last years model and this is the newwer model. this player is for more superior in sound quality, functionability and style as well. the orange and black of this model is interesting and pulls everything this player has to offer together. (btw 1st review so dont be harsh if i did something wrong.)
  3. 808boi

    SoNiCsTaGe 4

    well basicly i have installed version 4 of ss and before it says installation complete, a widow pops up saying "Please insert disc 1 that contains the file setupinx." the file its referrring to is C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\sonicext.tmp\SsSetup do i need a disc that contains this file or did i install something wrong>?<
  4. i dont have a network walkman, just a cd player that plays the atrac. it says wen i start up wizard that i need my device connected. if i dont have 1 does that mean i can use the program?
  5. thnx man, that really helped me alot, i'm not really an audiophile and need the best quality of music, i just need something thats loud enough to get the noise out of people on the bus. this seems like the perfect player that i need but like the blog said, the jog dial seems hard to get ussed to but i can live with that.
  6. 1st of all i would like to say hi to every1 in this forums because this is my 1st time on here. well basicly im buying the d-ne330 because it looks and sounds good to me. i like the look and the controls of it but when i was reviewing it on amazon it said something about 15w. something about it suppose to make the player louder. could someone clarify this for me so i know what its all about. and also if this player haas a volume restriction and if there is any way of taking it off because in other threads some people were talking about taking this off. if you read this whole thing i appreciate the time you took and if you could answer my questions i would also appreciate that as well. thnx, jeremy.
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