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  1. Finally solved this problem. Downloaded two registry editing programs - RegCleaner and TweakNow RegCleaner (from MajorGeeks). Uninstalled SS3.4, did a registry clean up, deleted all registry entries to do with Sony, tried SS3.4 and works like a dream (about time).
  2. Tried a system restore to SS 3.3, uninstalled that, then 3.4 again, same problem........ creage - it's a NH1
  3. I am still having trouble uploading recordings, and these are not already in My Library. I tried a full uninstall of SS3.4, deleted all related files, installed again - same problem. Uninstalled again, installed 2.1 then tried to upgrade to 3.4 - wouldnt let me. Uninstalled 2.1, installed 3.2, installed 3.4 over this - still cannot upload. Can anyone help me? Are there some hidden files in Windows I should delete? Thanks to anyone with an idea.
  4. No they are not already in 'My Library'. These are recordings made from the radio. At least I'm not the only one with this problem.
  5. Hey all. Just upgraded to SS 3.4 - was looking forward to the unlimited transfers. However, when I try to transfer anything from my MD to 'My Library', all the software does is refresh itself and doesn't transfer the song/folder. I was able to transfer back when I had SS 3.3. I have reinstalled 3.4 but still have the same trouble. Any ideas on why this happening? Cheers for any help, Jonny.
  6. Jumpman23

    NH1 vs NH900

    I was in the same situation. In the end I got the NH1 and couldn't be happier. Went through minidisc.com.au, so the difference was only $30. I can live with slightly less playback time (no AA), and the limited time I have used the remote is easier than I thought it would be. Plus, the NH1 just looks soooo cool!!! One happy MD fan here.
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