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  1. In the US tapeandmedia.com has a pretty good price on them.
  2. Got an nh700 finally on ebay from digitallimits2003. Definitely appears to be someone who bought up the aussie units. Problem is that they sent a power converter with it for US line voltage that makes a very loud buzzing noise. This makes recording while on AC (only way I ever do it) completely impossible. Is this an inevitable problem with using the aussie units in USA? Really hope not!
  3. Maybe I'm just not skilled but I can't find any trace of that user you mention anywhere other than your post about him.
  4. Canada's sold out, Oz won't ship to U.S. Anyone know where to get a NH700 or NH900?
  5. Looks like Sefu's last post was the 10th, anyone heard anything more about international?
  6. Pretty sure you can't order anymore unless you are in Australia.
  7. yoozer

    NH900 vs RH910

    Thanks for the responses, it looks like a moot point as the nh models are virtually impossible to find, and it looks like the Oz source is not shipping to US anymore.
  8. Gotta be a way to find someone over in Oz that would be kind enough to do the above for even a small fee?
  9. yoozer

    NH900 vs RH910

    Mp3 playback isn't important but I didn't know until now about the search feature on the 910, which sounds interesting. Any ideas on where to possibly get a nh900?
  10. yoozer

    NH900 vs RH910

    Ok so I've read a lot, and it looks like the nh900 or possibly rh910 would fit the bill if I were to go hi-MD. I have 2 of the the old jog-dial Sharp -- the best interface EVER, before the iPod "minimalism is great because we know how you'll use your device" design trend. Controls take up the entire face of the thing, it's weird and spaceship-looking, and it is um. . .USEFUL</rant>. Honestly I can't imagine using a minidisc without a jog dial, there's just WAY too much input that I need to do to be pressing/holding buttons to scroll through alphabets. . .of course I have no idea how the rh910 actually works but jog dial is the only interface I've ever used (besides a keyboard) that doesn't piss me off as far as input goes. My wife has an older Sony MD and the button pressing is maddening. Seems like the whole "player" movement killed the interfaces? But. . .dang it! With MD going more and more "niche" I can't find a nh900 anywhere except Ebay and lately I've kind of decided Ebay has been dodgey and not a source of good deals for me. There's the aussie place but no telling when they'll be doing international again with the War On Batteries and all, and if it's got problems I'd be a little hot to have to pay the shipping from the US and/or be SOL since Oz is saying goodbye to MD. Any suggestions? Anyone have a line on where to get NH900s or have the rh910 and have a good "interface experience" to share?
  11. So am I correct to assume this means it's not possible for U.S. customers to order?
  12. Whoa, so this isn't really anything close to a data transfer, at least not for PCM. thanks! Ok that's good to know, what's the main advantage of 2nd generation Hi-MD?
  13. I was kind of a MD early adopter, used it to record off the board and my own music ideas. I still use my old Sharp unit now and then and I really love it. My biggest gripe was ATRAC and slow transfer (recording, then) of files. I just got a M-audio Microtrack and I'm considering sending it back because it just wasn't what I was expecting. From what I've seen, the Hi-MD players I've looked at are still not the device the Microtrack claims to be, the high resolution, phantom power, CF card (fast file transfer) are all advantages I haven't seen in the Hi-MD devices. But I really have to say I just miss my minidisc, the Microtrack has some issues to iron out, and I keep reading that Hi-MD is now a fast transfer, and that you can record uncompressed now, etc. So it appears *some* of the problems have gone away, except maybe too little too late, right? So in the market for a $250-or-under device, I'd love some recommendations/info, I'm most concerned about a good interface, best recording quality available, and not so much with the look or bells and whistles. 1. Is there a range of resolutions for sound quality (bit/sample rate) on these devices? 2. Is there something like my old Sharp with the jog wheel-centric design? I have never used a better interface on any device in my life. Looked weird but worked great. 3. Just how fast is the software-dependent transfer? 4. I've always been a huge Sony-hater in terms of their crippling proprietary approach to everything, and it would be a big plus for me if there was a way to get data off these discs without Sony's nasty software touching a single byte of it. . .Possible? Is interfacing this device with the computer a hacker's realm? I don't mind tinkering to get a reliable workflow but I can't stand mysterious quality degradations, etc. Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions or leads to information you might have!
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