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  1. Thanks A440 you've been very helpful.
  2. Thanks A440, the H2 seems extremely suited for what i want. Although i'm not very sure about its playback capabilities. Has anyone here had any experience with the H4? or with the iriver ifp 9xx, which is what i used to be looking before i heard of the H2. Thanks
  3. Hi, I own a broken mz-rh910 which doesn't record. I took it to a Sony repair center and they told me the recording head (<- or however that thing is called) is broken and that Sony doesn't make them anymore. Basically telling me i'm screwed. So now im wondering what to do. I used my Minidisc for playing and recording equally and i want to buy something that can do the same that my minidisc, but that is still in production. Although, if there is someway that i can find that recording head, that would be nice too. So in conclusion: Does anybody know about a good mp3 recorder or somewhere where i can find minidisc parts? Thanks! Edit: Concerning mp3 players i was looking for a flash player
  4. Ok i think ill call them first, to get an estimate or something. This sucks i expected a better built product from sony, they've realy let me down.
  5. Sory for the delay. Can you tell me why? Thanx
  6. Hi, i bought a MZ-Rh910 a few months ago, and well it doesnt record anymore. One day, all of a sudden, with no warning, out of the blue... it just stopped recording! It plays but it doesnt record (I record something normally and when i press stop it stays eternally showing a "Recording to MD"esque message) . So i took it to Sony, thinking that it had to be a problem with the lens, and that it would be pretty easy to fix. And no, they tell me its a problem with the processor and that it could cost me 150 dollars IF they manage to find a new processor. I dont know what to do. I live in Uruguay and i bought this in the USA, so dont know if the guarantee is valid or not. Any recomendations? Thanx in advance!
  7. Hi, Until this day ive only transfered CDs to my MD, but im starting to transfer Mp3 too, so i wanted to know how you people listen to them. And i had one question, is there any sense in transfering a 128kbps mp3 to 256 atrac? or should i just use 128 atrac or inferior? I'm quite clueless when it comes to kb/s. Well, i'll start. I listen to both CDs and Mp3s in atrac 256 (hisp)
  8. I thought it was really expensive, nice to know its cheap. Anyways I couldnt wait, so i tryied using a regular "school" glue (the kind you used at school to make collages and that sort of things) and worked great, i took special care not to let any glue inside the input jack. Tested it and works like a charm.
  9. Thanks, i'll have to take my chances. I'll post the results... The real reason why i couldnt get any hot melt glue is economical, it just seemed a waste of time/money to buy a hot mel glue gun, and a "cartridge" for it just to use a little bit on my Battery Box. Although I'm having second thoughts about it, how much does a hot melt gun plus the "cartridge" for it cost?
  10. Thanks your methods worked perfectly... now im the proud owner of a disk with, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, The White album, Let it Be, Abbey Road @ Hi-Sp 256...
  11. sorry i keep insisting, but can i use any glue that i find in my house, im sorry but i just cant use hot melt glue.
  12. the recording had finished like 15 min ago and i just unplugged the usb form the md... did i screw up?
  13. I used Simple Burner to burn some CDs to my MZ.Nh910. It all went fine. Until i burned some other CDs onto the same MD. When i unplugged the usb from the MD (yes all PC-MD transfers had allready finished, a long time ago) and pushed play, it displayed MD unreadable and unrecordable... So i had to erase the MD... i couldnt erase it from the pc, i had to erase it manualy from the mdplayer. the only difference i can think of is that the second time i used a CD.RW instead of a normal CD.. any help? thanx
  14. Thanks a lot A440.
  15. Ok, but suppose i cant get any hot melt glue, could i use any glue that i find in my house?
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