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  1. hmmm i just tested it again and it works i think you need to reformat the disc with the applocale-ed SS4 before you transfer, the guy in the other thread mentionged deleting everything then reloading them so i tried the same with formatting then transfering again and the 40elk displays the japanese/kanji properly, guess i just need to fix the elk40 volume control then, the volume up button is busted for some reason ^^ thanx for your reply ! ps: just tested with the default remote too, it seems that it can only display katakana and not kanji, the remote also displays hira with katakana too for some odd reason, guess it's the only font it has
  2. Is using the RM-MC55ELK remote the only way to see Japanese characters instead of the ...s ? or can the unit be edited in service mode or hacked in some way to display Japanese characters on the default remote? (tried 40elk that i had from a NA NH1 but showed me the same ...s like the default RH1 remote) I did the regedit for SS4 and used applocale to make sure that the titles were not broken during tranfer. thanx in advance
  3. life would be easier if everyone would use the same cable format, 15 days can't wait
  4. tyvm ^^ guess i should have searched better hehe, hope they arrive soon can't wait till i test it out
  5. ahh thank you so much for your reply guess I'm kinda stuck then, checked ebay, sony canada/us/japan but no luck... having said that is there anyone out there with a spare cable for sale/trade/give/barter ^^
  6. Hi guys, I recently got a nh1 but it seems to be missing the usb cable (which sucks since the only reason I wanted a hi-md was because of the usb functionality, was using the old old sharp 821 before this). So the question is can I buy the cable somewhere separately? and also are all the sony hi-md recorder usb cables the same? thanx in advance !
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