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  1. I bought a MZ-R700 MDLP Recorder for $30 (Australian) at Cash Converters. Seemed to be in excellent condition-and was able to register it with Sony. Have posted a pic of it in the gallery.
  2. Ear-clip style headphones:I use the MDR-Q38LW from Sony. Retractable headphone plug cord, light and easy to wear.
  3. I like and own a MZ-R700. The remote-a RM-MZ4R is easy to use even though it doesn't include a LCD display. Bought it today for just $30.
  4. aafuss

    Sony products

    I now add to my collection: ICF-304 radio MZ-R700 MD Walkman MDR-Q38LW headphones
  5. Ear-clip style headphones:I use the MDR-Q38LW from Sony. Retractable headphone plug cord, light and easy to wear.
  6. Sony NW-E105 review by AA Price-AUS$80 Supplied accessories-E808 Headphones, CD with Sonicstage 3.0. The Sony E105 is a cute, convenient and stylish NP3 player-I particularly like the ability to use a AAA battery (unlike other players with non-removeable batteries) for 70hrs of play time. Controls are quite easy to operate-though the menu/repeat buttons were a bit small for my liking. Sound quality was better than iPod shuffle-the Sony's sound modes are easy to adjust and had amazing clarity and bass response. Headphones are the MDR-E808LP (earbud style)-these are extremely comfortable (though I do prefer in-ear style earphones). The supplied software, Sonicstage is quite easy to use-I was able to easily import and transfer music in under 5 minutes. Pros -Runs on a AAA battery -Sentence repeat mode -Easy to read backlit blue LCD -Group mode is a fascinating way of navigating through your songs Cons -Can't transfer songs on a Mac Picture:
  7. aafuss

    Sony products

    I have: 2 Sony VCRs (SLV-EZ77 and EZ715) 2 ICF-C630 clock radios A 59cm Trinitron TV (KV-XF25M30) 2 Microphones-F-V120 and F-V420 MDR-EX32,IF140,E828,110LP headphones ICD-B500 Digital notetaker NW-E105 512MB Walkman 2 Micro Vaults (1GB) DRU-710A DVD burner 2 1980's cassette Walkmans
  8. Only the NWZ- series players support drag and drop.
  9. I got a PDF manual for Sonicstage on my player's software CD.
  10. aafuss


    My E105 lasts longer than the B100 series-upto 70 hrs battery life.
  11. Downoad it at: http://stashbox.org/62685/NW-A805.zip
  12. Happy to hear that you like the A810 series-it makes me wish that I had one.
  13. I have a manual too-that covers the NWZ series as well (December 2007 edition).
  14. I recently purchased a MDR-EX32LP in-ear phones for AUD$59. Seems to be quite good value for the price I paid. Haven't tried them yet (as it is a Christmas present). Was originally going to get the EX85, but decided that the design didn't quite suit me. I also have a Logitech premium headset which I found to have excellent bass and sound quality-cost me $30.
  15. aafuss

    **April Fools**

    I also noticed it's a April's fools article too.
  16. I agree-iPod's can't be beaten by others, sales wise.
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