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  1. Hello, does anyone know any uk portable MD repair centres which have no initial pre-repair charge. I want to send my broken MD's for them to have a look at first, tell me what the prob is then i decide to ge it fixed and pay. May be asking a bit much but any knowledge of one would be much appreciated. Cheers Alice
  2. Yes, i suppose i did on the Sony MZ-R91. As for the other, not so much. I take it this is a problem for a repair centre then. Cheers
  3. Hello, I have a (1) Sony MZ-R91 and a (2) Sony MZ-NH600. The Sony MZ-R91 will play most discs from the beginning but then gets to about the second or third track and stalls there, not playing anything but repeating the same time on the timer (so its still spinning) untill i stop it. I guess this is skipping although there is no audio. The Sony MZ-NH600 will only play some discs and the ones it does play, it has a similar probelm where it will stall around the 2nd track, but instead of just repeating the stall it will turn off. I would suspect there is some problem with the laser or motor. I have tried spraying compressed air into the MD players to get rid of dust but no difference. I will look for some repair tips online but any suggestions as to what the prob is, and how or links to fixing it myself would be much appreciated. Thanks Alice
  4. i guess ill have to edit them together. thanks anyway Alice
  5. Hi, When i record with my MZ-NH600 and there is a silence in the recording, a new track is automatically created. How can i get rid of this so i can record concictently on the same track without the silences triggering a new track? Thanks Alice
  6. Hey, Awsome! I just found it. I didnt think i had one. Many thanks Alice
  7. Hello, i own a Sony MZ-NH600 portable recordable Hi-MD player and i mainly use it for recording with a minipreamp and binaural microphones. These plug into the line input (*if you are interested in sound recording, binaural mics are worth checking out). The problem is that i cannot adust the record volume. I know it is not possible with this MD player the way it is, as it only has line input, but does anyone know any tricks, device or a little electronics that will allow me to adjust the line input volume? Would be much appreciated Cheers Alice
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