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  1. Guys, where can I download SonicStage 4.3? i've just reformated my pc..the link given by Isiyoshi seems dead. thanks for any help
  2. Does the D-NE820 have optical out? how much are you willing to let go the CD walkman?
  3. Million thanks to you Guitarfx. You made my day . I can finally order the charging stand. thanks a lot!!!!!
  4. I was under the impression that the BCA-MZEH930 is the part number. but it's not actually. the person at the spare part departments said it is just the model number not part number. so, if you happen to know..please let me know. right now, i'm trying to contact Sony's DAPC to get the part number
  5. Dear Guitarfx and members of MDCF who might help me, Do you guys know this charging stand's part number? I need the part number so that I can give to my local Sony Spare Parts department. Thanks for any help. Appreciate it very much
  6. i'm only interested to buy the charging stand. I already have 2 EH930. one silver and one blue. is there any way i can buy the charging stand only? where to buy in Japan?
  7. oh, so that's the model part number. thanks Guitarfx. appreciate it so much. and where might I buy this in Japan? any normal electrics n electronics shop will do? or do i have to order directly from Sony Japan? and what's the price of this charging cradle? if this specific charging cradle can rarely be found nowadays, can I use any other charging cradle (other models) to charge my MZ-EH930? any suggestions which model? what does this suppose to mean? does it mean I can order directly from you.huhuhh..please enlighten me on this
  8. Hi guys, Do any of you guys know where can i find the charging cradle for the MZ-EH930 minidisc model? I was wondering whether Isiyoshi or Guitarfx can help me with this since both of them live in Japan. It would be helpful also if I can get the model number of the charging cradle and where to buy it in Japan. Since I have friends in Japan that can buy for me. Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Thanks rich, i've already downloaded the file. And already got to the battery life part. had no trouble understanding it. thanks a lot If it is no trouble for you, can you please give me a link to the MZ-N920 manual?
  10. Thanks rich. BTW, do you have the manual in pdf form?Is there an english version of the manual?if there isn't any, i don't mind getting the japanese version. co'z i'm only interested to look at the battery life listings
  11. Greetings guys, Anyone here has the EH930? I was wondering what is the battery life of this player model when playing SP/LP2/LP4 and PCM/Hi-SP/Hi-LP? Would anyone who owns the EH930 come out with a figure (roughly). I tried searching from the Sony e-catalogue but to no avail. Any help given is very much appreciated
  12. Thanks SBG. Really appreciate it. The price is USD 7.3 (after I converted to USD)
  13. Does anyone know? Thanks for any help
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