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  1. In the Middle taken from the boat /Ferry Periyar Lake
  2. seems like non availability and enthusiasts drove the price like anything .Even though I will be reluctant to spend even a penny on md now .(nothing against md lovers )
  3. wow ! you're lucky bud you got the silver edition or the black one ?
  4. Kovalam taken using Pns Canon IXUS 950is
  5. want fresh tea ?? b/y Polariser + GND 0.9 + 0.3
  6. Weather in Munnar was crazy(well it was crazy throughout the trip hheeh) .it was foggy and cloudy(with sick spells of rains :| )throughout day and night .So,didn't get much chance to shoot star trails . wanted to crop the tree on the right (unfocused ) ,but left it to give a wide look .
  7. Stuge

    Sony NWZ-E443

    @WR: one of my friend who too has european version walkman is also using FiiO.cheap volume increasing amp and works nicely too .
  8. Stuge

    Reuse old earphones

    I undestood what you were trying to convey
  9. Stuge

    Reuse old earphones

    rj : how did you manage to cut that off ?
  10. dream place for any play station lover many kids will go wild hehe
  11. I agree with Stephan its not worth to take risk for out of warranty equipment .
  12. Well,this is the reason back up cd/DVD/Bd literature comes with vaio, where Sony requests people to make back up dvd's at start . anyway ,did you ask Sony for cd's/DVD/BD for your vaio?they will charge for the same .
  13. welcome to SOnyinsider , as far as I know you can only use ATI card only .its similar to desktop pc, where once you install graphic card, onbard graphics are disabled (unless you pull out the graphics card ). to save battery : these things you can do : 1.Don't use screen at full brightness . 2.Keep the DVD or BD rom off (when you;re not using it ) 3 try to use balanced mode or poversaver mode installed of high performance one.
  14. love morning fog + mist + filter
  15. India-US relationship is defining partnership of 21st century: Obama taken during B obama's visit to India .
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