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  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Cheery Kwanzaa, Sunny Solstice, and Enjoyable Existence to all. Let us all hope for a peaceful and loving 2007.
  2. "After re-charging it with the correct charger, it can only stayed powered up for a very short amount of time, whether it's using the gumstick or the attached AA addon. I was crushed over this." Did you try a new gumstick? About 5 months ago, I did a bad thing. I bought a 30 gig iPod. Actually it is a sweet machine. But after time I realized it did not have the audio clarity of my RH10. And to cap it off, my laptop died and all my hard disc stored iTunes bought music was gone. I had backed it up to a removeable drive, but when I tried to sync my iPod to my new laptop and removeable harddrive, the iPod would not recognize it!! And the iPod music would not transfer to my harddrive. I am sure there is a workaround ~ (maybe), but IT was then I realized how much I loved the security of having my music on disc. I still use the iPod for video (even the small screen is pretty cool for commute times), but I am sticking with the RH10 for music from now on.
  3. Minidisc has always been the best digital music player, and SS3.4 just cements that. Like others have said, it would have been great if Sony had done this earlier, it will be difficult to pry the iPods from the hands of all those trend followers. But now with the riddance of the draconian DRM problem, I can evangelize anew!
  4. This is fantastic news! I have some Bittorrented live shows (Flac>>mp3>>atrac) for which I lost the original flac's and mp3's (and the computer they were on). They have been stuck on my HiMD disc unable to do anything with them. It will be great to have computer access to them again! Can't wait to try it tonight!
  5. I hear that the new 2GB discs, besides holding twice as much music as the 1GB discs, will also wash your dishes and tune your car.
  6. Ericktous and Low Volta, thanks! Both those suggestions worked fine! Is sonicstage 3.3 ready for use in the USA?
  7. I have searched the forum to the answer to this, but haven't found it. Sorry if it is a major repeat I am using SonicStage 3.2 and for some reason each group of songs (ripped from CD or Downloaded as MP3) has the last song in the group copied first, and then the remaining portions of the album. This is not a major problem, I just have to move the song back to the tail end, but if there is a way to stop this behavor, I would appreciate knowing. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just a follow up. I finally recieved my NH14WM batteries, and they work like a charm! Now I just need to figure out this equalizer on the ol' RH10. I am loving it!
  9. Thanks Bananatree, I just got the Valley of the giants based on this recomendation, and I love it! Very cool stuff!
  10. Thanks, Everyone, with the addition of HiSP, LP4, LP3, HiLP, ATRAC 3, ATRAC 3 PLUS, etc, ad infinum... MY ears are bleeding, not from bad sound, but cranial overtaxation, and I will do the experimentation first suggested, then buy a gun and vow to shoot the next braniac at SONY that creates a new format acronymn. The Low Volta said "more demanding stuff (which for me is like the Mars Volta; Explosions in the Sky; Mogwai; G!YBE; Tool; Arvo Pärt, ; Sati..." Now that is what I call good tasting music! Next I just need to make it sound better on my MZ-RH10.
  11. I am not new to the minidisc world. I started with a Net-MD 2 years ago, transferred to a HI-MD player (MZ-NH600D) and now a Hi -MD recorder (MZ-RH10). But I am still confused about the seemingly ever changing compression types. What is best (smaller space, but very good quality)? I haven't got the best ears, and I do not have high end equipment. Is there are current quide to the compression choices? Thanks! To further qualify, I am looking for something in the range of 129 - 160 Kb/s MP3 sound quality.
  12. Is there a way to automatically create a file with the music files (Abum titles + performer) on a minidisc to an excel spreadsheet or Word file? I have quite a few HD-MD discs that I woud like to catalogue on my computer. Thanks for any help!
  13. Thanks, GregTR! I am going to go with the NH14WM. I will let you all know how it works out.
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