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  1. hey, i need to buy a new minidisc player.....the ONLY feature i need...is to record fairly descent music through a ''ds70p'' sony microphone. whats the cheapest minidisc player that will record fairly descent sound from the ds70p micrphone? thanks very much
  2. hi, i have a sony n707...i am lookign into buying a sony 'ECM-DS70P' is that the right choice of microphone for live recordings...(looking into the area of £40 MAX. also, any hints...tips and other general instructions for a compelte begginer to this would be very helpfull. thanks very much
  3. two.tread

    LP2 or LP4?

    hi, i knoe that the long play options use atrac3... what is lp4 and should i use it. i want decent quality music and i use about 160 - 192kbps mp3. would i want lp2 or lp4? thanks
  4. no u cant format it.....its jsut annoying as i have about 5 newish discs that i cant use.......
  5. hi, its not protected it says Trkprotect whehner i try and delete anything (all or 1 track)
  6. hi, i have recently gone back to my very loved r500 (my first md player) but alot of my m inidiscs are now netmd'd when i try to erase the disc it says trprootect pr something. is their anyway i can erase them or not? thanks very much
  7. i have now realised its not a 707 its a 505............. im not really bothered as all i nead is music on my minidiscs. ill stick with 192 mp3 then.
  8. hi, i jsut bought a bargain n707. what compression is best to u7se? i would like the same quality as 192kbps mp3, but in a smaller forat.....is this possible? what do i need to do to get 192 mp3 to an atrac i can use on the MD player? thanks
  9. hi, thanks for the suggestion. ive jsut bought a set of sony EX71's off ebay for £11. thanks anyway.
  10. hi, im looking to get some enw headphones (probably sony) can you suggest any decent ones? im looking to spend about £10 - £17 thanks
  11. hi, i know the volume hack works on european MZNH600's and MZNH6700's what other models does it work on? thanks
  12. if i dot his and its no better can i reverse the steps? just set the s25 back to sA0? thanks
  13. ive got the irst part (entering the menu) but im not sure about the second part. i dont understand it. could someone tell me the step by step instructions to setting the volume higher o he models i listed above. thanks i have jsut tried entering th service menu and i cant. how exactly do yu di it. it says ''While holding down the GROUP key instead, enter the key sequence:'' do i just put my mini disc on hold, annd enter the code. OR do i put my mini disc on hold then hold group whilst pressing the code? will it make a differnence if i have a disc in or not?
  14. can someone givwe me step by step instructions on howe to make the volume loader on the nh600, nh600d nh700, nhf800, nh900 , and the MZ-NH1 i know their is a subject on here somewhere but i could really understand them. i just need to know the exact step by step instructions thanks so much
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