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  1. When we could expect a new VOID version? If the answer is "never", what else could be used for NW-S706 walkmans?
  2. Does it work with NW-S70x series (703, 705...)?
  3. I've discovered void. Works ok but not with subfolders, you cannot sort source folders, don't work with album icons but allinall its pretty ok. I hope somebody will do something with the functionality of SS, but so small to keep it on the walkman.
  4. Hello! Is there any program to use as SonicStage alternative for NW-S7xx players? I tried Mp3 File manager 2 - not working! I tried Swex - working, but no album(folder) support! The rest of them (line ML_SONY) need winamp... Did anyone try "NAURD" with NW-7xx? It's so annoying to have such a great player with no decent software support.
  5. Hello Patrick! What's the status of the program? Any chance for a new version which will accept other models like mine NW-E507?
  6. Hello! What do you think which is generally better concerning sound quality: sony or ipod? (or maybe this forum is not a good place to ask it...)
  7. Hello, Patrick! I wish to support your work as much as I can, so I sent you (private message on this forum) a OMGAUDIO.zip from my NW-E507 (1Gb) player. Inside is just one mp3 file as you wanted. I suppose it's going to work for all the rest of nw-e40x and 50x players... even more. Hope you'll succeed to make a universal manager for all sony players.
  8. Please, will it be possible to work with NW-E40x and NW-E50x? Ever? I tried with my NW-E507 without success (said there's -5Gb free space) ... to bad, because it's such a great piece of sw.
  9. Hello, Please, could we expect NW-E507 version soon (or ever)?
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