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  1. I get the error too... I can import them by using "Add files" but not by importing folders including subfolders.. This is Quite annoying since my collection is in ordered folders..
  2. Ok, it seems to work in SS 3.4 . Thanks
  3. Like what? They just contain standard tags ?
  4. When I add MP3s to my SS library it removes the tags. Any idea how to solve this because it's quite frustrating .. OS: WinXP SS v2.3 Greetings
  5. Ah, yes, I turned it off now and it works now . Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, I recently formatted my PC. Before i Formatted i used Sonicstage 2.3 for my NW-HD3 and it worked perfectly. After my format I installed a new version (3.3), but whenever I start it the menubar starts flickering & flashing (really weird). The program works really slow, and whenever I try to import MP3 files the program just quits without any error. Alright, uninstall it and install the old version again i thought. But now the old version shows the same problem.. Can someone help me? I can't put any new music on my SONY .. System: XP Pro SP2 P4 3.0Ghz ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (51.2 catalysts) Sony NW-HD3
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