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  1. Yes, it's ok. I only use HIMD machines (mz-rh1, mz-rh910, mz-nh700 and 900). In this moment, I'm running Win7 x64 with Sonicstage 4.3 directly, and it's working. I'm using vmware player for Win7 X64 with XP Professional virtual machine too. And when I plug my HIMD minidiscs, they are recognize by XP virtual machines automatically. Regards.
  2. So, if I loose all of these, I don't sure if it's worth the trouble. I'll like make my RH910 better, nor worse...
  3. Hi Barock1 and Avrin. It's all right!. It works for my MZ-NH700!. Thank you for your help. I'll try it with my MZ-RH910 too. I'll like remove the MD mode record limitation of it.
  4. I'm sorry Avrin. I put in manual mode my european MZ-NH700. I can see the 0113 address. I wrote in the pass the 01 code for US/Canada (Volume hack for MZ-RH1. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK). But I cannot see the 1941, 1942 and 1943. Where are these codes in the service menu?. Thanks!.
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