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  1. Barock - I'm happy with that price if you pay for and arrange collection- Gary
  2. I bought a Onkyo MD-105FX shipped to the uk from Japan - in Feb last year. I've now decided to replace it with the 133 - so now need to sell it. Its been used only ocassionally - with all original packaging and accessories. Its in immacualte condition - but I now wonder how much in uk pounds is a fair price? Any advice would be much appreciated. If you bought it today via price japan - it would cost you c £275 ukp
  3. wondered if anyone knew what the differences were? is it worth paying out the extra money for the 133 deck?
  4. thanks for the dowload - noticed that the 105 doesnt allow you to add automatically track marks as you record - eg .. maybe every 30 minutes.. wondered - does the other more expensive home Onkyo deck allow you to do this? and - are there any other important differnces between the decks?
  5. Just got hold of this deck, and although most operations seem straightforward - I'd really like to look at an English manual if possible. So wondered if anyone knew where I'd get one? - advice appreciated - thanks - Gary
  6. hi there - guess someone out theremust have got simple burner to work with vista? - help would be really appreciated.
  7. hi there - I'm very interested in getting simple burner to run on my vista machine - but not sure I totally understand. Is it the case that I install a piece of software that allows me to run another operating system (linux I suppose), alonside vista? If so - and it will be free to do? - could someone please explain how to do this in simple terms please - thanks - Gary
  8. apologies if this has been covered - but I cant find anything that has worked to resolve sonicstage 4.3 closing in vista - as soon as it loads! so sorry - could someone explain what i need to do - in simple, easy to understand pc newbie speak...
  9. sorry - when I wrote japan direct - I meant price japan...
  10. well finally decided to buy an EH70 from Japan Direct - and guess what - its apparently been discontinued!! so wondered if anyone knew where I could buy one from --- and get it shipped to the uk?
  11. hi Guitarfxr - thanks for your reply - wondered.. so does the 70 feel quite metalic and therefore sturdy then?- and do you happen to know if my favourite remote - (the very wonderful 40 ELK..) will all work ok with it?
  12. Thinking of buying the above from Japan direct - to save wear on my recorders - (RH1 and RH10) - both UK models.. but wondered if they would sound inferior... and I'd be disappointed? - Advice / personal experiences appreciated...
  13. hi there - I already have an RH10 and an RH1 - but realise I'm totally addicted to these babies.... so looking for a reason to buy another. So wondered - is there one that sounds better than the two I already have? - or is there one with other features / capability - that I could persuade myself that I really need? Any opinions / advice appreciated... please don't say I don't need another one....
  14. might persuade her to stick with md - if there really isnt anything that sounds as good?
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