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  1. interesting.. thanks for the reply.. and fear not, I'm canadian
  2. wish I would have known that before So if that is the case, where can you get reliable batteries? Do places like the source carry them? I haven't come across these types of batteries really.. cept online
  3. man I've looked high and low at where I can get those chargers from, and they seem ghostly. ANyone have any ideas as to where a guy could pick up one? Even the Sony Store doesn't have it listed *scratches head*
  4. Well the one that I bought I got off of Ebay, and the unit so far plays perfectly fine. I think that the battery that came with it though has been used for a while, so naturally it won't hold a charge for as long anymore. Which is why I went ahead and bought the two new batteries, but they appear to be even weaker than the one that came with it.. They say 1400mah stamina on them.. real stamina. The marlboro man has more stamina than these pieces of junk lol
  5. ahhh that makes some sense.. if that is the case, than I will try and get a charger and see if that helps. Cuz this seems a little too strange for these batteries to hold next to no charge at all. The battery life is similar, as you mentioned.. I would figure that with a fully charged 1400, I shouldn't have to use AA at all.. is that fair to assume?? What kind of charger do I need also? Thanks a bunch guys
  6. Well I've tried charging and charging over and over, and the battery still refuses to charge to full. I'm feeling pretty choked about this considering I spent the xtra money to get two more batteries. What's the point of even using the gumstick batteries if I could just throw on the AA and have it work fine? Seems ridiculous. Is there anything I'm missing here? The batteries appear fine.. they're not warping or anything. Is this all a hoax??????????
  7. I actually did read that post.. sucks man.. I'm glad that I didn't get a charger now knowing the issues you had. I'll continue charging and hopefully I'll see some improvement
  8. I did indeed have it in Quick Mode.. so I shut it off. I'm charging it again now, so I guess we'll see how it responds. Its odd though, because I hook up the adapter to charge it, and it will say "Charging" and show the battery indicator filling up .. Yet after a while, that little animation shuts off, and the screen is now blank. What would be a good amount of time to let it charge for?? I was under the impression that these types of batteries charge fairly quickly. at least I thought I read that somewhere. Thanks for your reply!
  9. Hey all.. had a quick question regarding the NH-14WM Stamina batteries I bought myself an MZ-RH10, and so far the unit has been awesome! The only thing I'm noticing is that the gumstick batteries that I've got for it, seem to be very weak. I received one that came with the unit, and I've also purchased 2 more. I don't have a charger for them, so I've just been putting them into the MD and charging through the power adapter and serial cable. However, when I leave the battery to charge in this method for what seems like days, and I go to play a disc, the battery indicator is full until the disc starts up and locates the first track. As SOON as the screen comes up with name, album etc, the bar goes down to half full.. almost immediately. It does this with all three batteries. Which leads me to ask, is it possible these batteries aren't getting charged properly? or could it be that they just suck a$$ and can't hold a charge at all. I have to say I'm pretty dissappointed, cuz having to connect up the external AA battery makes the unit a fair amount larger, and bulkier. I'd much rather have the unit just run off of the gumstick battery, but it seems like its not going to happen. Anyone else have this experience? Is there any way around this?? Thanks for any info!!!
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