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  1. I've just upgraded my VP firmware to version 3.0.0.C171F I successfully transferred some mp3's to the VP using MFMP3v2, but they won't play. They just hang with the timer indicator at 0.00, and after trying a few times, the device locks up completely, and has to be reset. Is this a known problem? Is there anything I need to do in order to enable native mp3 playback? Thanks
  2. I installed GYM, and ran the keywizard, which went OK the first time, but then I realised that I'd uninstalled sonic stage etc, so had to cancel at that stage. I have now installed MP3FM, but when I run the keywizard, it hangs at a point where the progress bar is about 95% finished. Has anyone had a similar problem? What can be done?
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    Initialisation problem

    I have a VAIO pocket that came with SS2.1. I upgraded through 3.4 to 4 in a single day to see if they had the functions I was looking for (they didn't). I could connect to the player during all these upgrades. I then upgraded the firmware on the player, and SS then told me I'd have to reinitialise the device. I really don't want to do this as there's lots of stuff on there that's irreplaceable (long story - hd failure, loss of mp3's, computer reinstallation etc). I've tried thoroughly uninstalling SS4, and then reinstalling it, but get the same message. The above process took ages. I've 2 questions: 1) is it possible to downgrade firmware, and would this correct the problem? 2) is it possible that the player will work with SS2.1 or 3.4? It's quite a lot of work uninstalling and reinstalling, and if it's definitely not going to help then I won't bother. Thanks
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