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  1. As a follow-up, and to provide info for others following in my footsteps: It doesn't work. The TOSLink to minijack cable arrived today. All I got out of it were regular clicking noises. I presume that the encoded output from the TV is not in a format that the MD player recognizes. Better luck next time, eh?
  2. It's an LG 26LX1D 26" HD unit, and as mentioned before, it *only* has optical audio out. The encoding protocol isn't specified, the manual simply says to connect it to an optical input on 'the audio equipment'.
  3. Thanks KrazyIvan. I've just confirmed that it will work with 'analog in'. Now I'll have to wait until the TOSLink to MiniJack cable arrives. It looks like I've saved a tidy sum :-).
  4. Hi all, I'm new here, and I don't know if this topic has already been covered. If it has, I apologize and request that someone sends a link to the existing info. Briefly, I need to connect a TV that *only* has a Toslink audio out to a receiver that *only* has RCA audio inputs. It seems that commercial Digital to analog converters are very expensive, and replacing my not very old stereo receiver with a new x.1 receiver that has optical inputs would be a waste, especially as I choose not to use anything other than stereo. I have a spare Sony MZ-N505 which I no longer use, and wondered whether, with a Toslink to Sony optical cable, and with a mini-plug to RCA cable, I could use the Sony MD as an external DAC? Clearly, it would have to be powered, but does anyone know of any other issues that there might be? In advance,I appreciate any help with this.
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