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  1. Poe, If you want, you can HAVE mine. We're talking about the all black, non LCD stick remote right? Just pay for the shipping and you can have mine. Never been used either. Let me know by reply or PM. If you're on AT-station, then PM me there. I'm on there more often then here.
  2. I'm getting 10-12 with 352 kps ATRAC. Supposedly it lasts 14.5 with 256 (per specs) but I'm not getting that. Also... with the RH10, playing MP3s at 128 should get you 13hours per specs, but I have not tested this as of yet.
  3. Well, let me jump in with my two cents on removing scratches... Tools: Clean, dry terry cloth or towel. 3M rubbing compound, $3 (can be found at kragen, autozone, any auto supply store) Put a VERY small amount onto a small part of your cloth. Rub ony surface and spread evenly. Then, using a dry part of your cloth, buff it in a circular motion. RUB HARD, until all the white goes away. Then, keep rubbing for a little bit after that just to make sure. I've used this trick to succesfully remove scratches from: MD players/recorders MD remotes iPod 3 gen iPod Mini my car It works like a charm. The 3M rubbing compound actually dissolves a microscopic layer off the top of the LCD, or makes it more malleable. Then you buff it to redistribute and gloss the dissolved layer back into the main LCD. This is what auto detailers use to remove light scratches off cars. It's not harmful, but if you have sensitive hands, wear gloves. Sounds dangerous, but not really. You can't really mess it up, and trust me I've done it enough times... at least once every 4 months on my old iPod. You can repeat if you want as many times as you like. Anyways, enjoy!
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