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  1. just tried another unit of exact same model and it worked fine on all three of my computers. the other one hoewever is not recognised at all. i'll try the port on my unit.
  2. Yes, all other usb ports work when something else is plugged into them
  3. It stil wasnt showing up at all. i tried the repair tool though and still nothing
  4. Tried a different cord and still nothing, no detection at all. is there a possibility i have a dud?
  5. ive tried with and without the programs installed, also just with them istalled but not running on startup
  6. system specs are. gigabyte duo pro mobo, pentium 4 630, 1.5 gb ddr2 ram an 80 and 120 gb hard drive. geforce 6200 pci-e video card. i've tried connecting it to both but the same thing happens no matter which ub port i plug it into
  7. I am using a sony mz-nh600. i have formatted a 1gb hi-md disc in it. when i connect it to my pc the minidisc unit comes up with pc - md but my pc does not recognize that it is connected. what do i have to do?
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