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  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I've got a gig tonight and I'm going to use some new discs (although they'll be the smaller capacity discs I have from my old MD...can't find a local store that sells the high capacity discs). The magnetic field issue is interesting. I have a pretty stout Monster power filter/rack on my PA. I do plug the MD into the Monster strip...do you think that may be part of the problem? The vibrations on the rack aren't bad at all. I leave stuff on top all gig long and nothing vibrates off..even my beer Thanks again...hope i figure this thing out 'cause I really like this unit and the recordings that have worked
  2. Thanks Roamer. I'll try some new discs. How hard a bump do you think creates a problem for the unit? I leave it plugged in on the PA rack which may vibrate a little..but nothing jarring......plus I'm thinking of taking the unit to a few festivals this spring and doing some live band recording in the crowd. How careful/still do I have to be when sitting in the audience recording a band?
  3. I received the MZ-RH10 about a month ago and have been recording our band gigs for listening too later. I gotta say that the quality of these recordings is awesome and I really love this thing. However... Sometime during the upload I get a message that all the transfers didn't make it because of errors (???). When I tried to import them the old fashion way by playing 'em back into my computers sound card I could see what the problem may be on those select tracks. Looking at the wav forms in Soundforge I was able to see little data gaps where nothing was recorded all throughout these songs. I don't believe it is the autotrack feature because we were playing at normal volume during these "gaps"..plus, the gaps don't appear to be consistent as far as duration. Not sure what the problem is...maybe I should go out and buy some more discs as the problem could be attributable to the disc I'm using (??) Any help would be great
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