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  1. Thanks MntBkr that helps a lot...kind of a messed up thing for Sony to do in my opinion, why the hell not just have the inputs on the back and have Aux as an option on the menu. Who knows Sony always has to make it hard. But thanks again.
  2. Okay, I've been trying to find out, unsuccessfully of course, to see if my Sony MDX-CA680X head unit in my car will accept the line in on the back of the unit. Basically, in the back of the unit, it has the white and red auxilary-in to where I want to plug in my HI-MD player/recorder so I can play it through my reciever in the car. Yet, when I plug it in, I see no way of playing the sound through the unit, it just plain isn't happening. I looked in the manual and followed the directions but the menus didn't seem to match up. So I'm wondering if any of yall know how to make this happen, I'm just dying to get HI-MD in my car without having to use an FM-Transmitter which sounds like crap. Please help!
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