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  1. Something happened last night. I uninstalled SS1.5, removed every sony folder and almost every sony related entry in the registry. After that I installed SS1.5 again. Guess what, it was working once again. A minor problem now is that SS is crashing everytime I try to playback imported files. Nothing to worry about, I only need the damn software to import music and transfer the files to the MD. One last thing. What are those windows media format files? The SS1.5 CD has a folder with those files. I installed everything but SS.3.3 keeps asking for them. Anyway, thanks to everybody.
  2. Import from CDs doesn´t work either. But it did a few weeks ago. I didn´t have that problem. One file or whole albums where no truoble at all. Now I can´t import even a single song.
  3. Hi everybody. I had SS1.5 working smoothly under win88se. About a week ago it decided to go on strike and the importing function never worked again. Everything else is still working. When importing mp3 the percentage goes up to 10 and then stops. Only the new playlist is created. Yestarday I installed SS3.3. The installation went fine, but when starting SS an error message pops alerting for some problem with Windows media format files (¿?). Then it stops. The specs are: AMD Sempron 2400, 512MB ram, ATI6200, Soundblaster Live.
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