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  1. Hello, I am new to the site, and through it I just discovered that Sony has corrected it's horrible software problem with the new Hi-MD. I am a pianist and I use my N707 to record my music using Sony's instrumental mic. I understand that with the Hi-MD it is possible to make a CD out of the files recorded by uploading and converting to .wav format. Unfortunately, I noticed in the FAQ that you cannot upload files recorded by non-Hi-MD systems. My problem is that I have at least 10 minidiscs full of music (recorded by my NetMD). Is there any way to upload and convert these files, in light of the new Hi-MD system? (I don't understand why, since a computer recognizes a Hi-MD player as a USB mass storage device, you cannot copy files from an old MD.) In all, I'm very confused and frustrated. If all else fails, I have a relative working at 3M who says they can convert MD to CD in their lab. Then, I suppose I could buy a new Hi-MD recorder (although I would have trouble giving MORE money to Sony after all of this). Thanks a million!
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