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  1. If the format is to survive we need some way to spark intrest, some really cool thing! Any ideas? And I mean more than just a promotional site.
  2. I have to say it is kinda' hard not to be dispirited. It really seems like Sony is abandoning the format.
  3. No, not yet. To tell you the truth, even in trying to make this I am kinda' losing hope beacuse it seems fromt the huge ammoutn fo replies that Sony blew their one chance and we are all screwed
  4. Does anyone have any tagline suggestions? And btw, I could use more help pn the site now!
  5. Congrats on converting some people! We need to save this format. MiniDisc is a very good format and does nto deserve to die like BetaMax, or more recently, PPD. We need to pull together as a community and save MiniDisc and make it a real contender for "Best Audio Device". -Mav
  6. Ok guys. I have a fair ammount of the site done, but I really need a catchphrase. It also looks like everyone (and us) is up against MS origami to...
  7. Thats a good idea! I think I will incorporate the concept of universal media into the site. -Mav
  8. I don't think it is so much about pressuring them. I think what we need to do is show Sony that they can dominate a market if they put their mind (and their money) towards it. I think community marketing is just the thing to show them. That is why we need to do this. As I said earlier, no audio device currently on the market (except MD) can really satisfy an audiphile, or a music lover. The thing is: most people do not know about MD. I really don't wnat the format to die, and if it does, that would be really, really sad. We need to pull together as a community and create a MiniDisc *Revolution*. -Mav
  9. I agree, we are lucky MD has gotten so far, and has continued so long. Sony Japan just released new mp3 players, and Sony America will probably adopt them soon- but that does not mean MD will have to die. Think about it, there has been no mp3 player to date that can *truly* satisfy audiophiles. You can not have a real home deck with an mp3 player with some kickass speakers (as mp3 players do not have things like 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound), but there are MD home and car decks, and they work damn well! The site I am making is almost half way done, and I am thinking of directing the promotion to Audiophiles, Musicians, and people that *really* care about their music. The site I am making is going to be called "Meet MiniDisc" It is possible to save MD, and here's how: On the site I am going to make some buttons to post on your own sites (a la SpreadFirefox) Recommend them to friends, and fellow audiolovers When it comes out, get the Meet MiniDisc a good pagerank on Google Come up with other ways to market it That's all for now, -Mav
  10. This post is not being used for self promotion: Street Light Project is a website a founded in December that used to consist of a blgo network and an online magazine. But right now we are merging the two into one news like site. We get a huge ammount of visiotrs (and for the most part, MSN Search loves us). Most of our writers (okay, not most, but a fair ammount) are tech writer and I am thinking of throwing something about MiniDisc into the fray. Right now I am half-way done a flash site to promote MiniDisc.
  11. Also, in addition to what I said above: We have Microsoft's URGE to worry about too...
  12. Hi, I recently registered- but am one of the (probably) few people who gave up an iPod for an MD player. After going through many google pages, and browsing the forums here it comes to be obvious that MD is dying- and that Sony does not seem to keen to save it (a la Betamax). I think we do. Right now I run something called Street Light Project which is getting over 16,000 unique visits per month, my idea is to create a "flashy", "interactive" site to promote MiniDisc, and then direct traffic from Street Light Project there. UPDATE: DONT NEED ANYMORE HELP. Plus what is being said is kinda' depressing and making me wonder whether despite efforts we make will MD survive? -Mav
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