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  1. Whoa! They weren't 3.99 a few days ago! Good find! E
  2. Any Mr. Bungle Traders/Tapers here? E
  3. ewrann

    Blanks at B&Ms?

    Started a Blank Hi-Md deal thread at: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=14928
  4. Hope it's ok to start this thread up here. My best find so far has been: www.coconuts.com Hi-MD blanks are $5.99/each If you've never ordered from Coconuts before you can enter the coupon code FIRSTPURCHASE for 10% off. Then when you check out if you select the Standard shipping option there will be a 0.00 shipping charge. I live in CT and was charged Sales Tax but per their info page: "Coconuts.com must charge tax in all states except: AK, DE, ID, NH, MT, OR, AE, AP, GU, PR, VI, AA" I ordered 4 Blanks and was charged a total of $22.85 or $5.71 each.
  5. ewrann

    Blanks at B&Ms?

    Poe - I got the NH700 (European model) for $125 new off Ebay. It arrived yesterday. I haven't owned an MD portable since my Sharp MT15 died several years ago. I'm having fun messing around with this thing. Pretty neat! I'm recording a show next month which is why I decided to pick one up. Anyway - I called a few more Radio Shacks in the area and got the same responses. One of the reps even said "You mean the 1.44 meg floppy disk?". Sigh. I stopped at Target, Wal-Mart, Strawberries, Tweeter Etc. and Coconuts on the way home. They all ONLY had the standard 80 minute MD's. No luck finding any 1 Giggers locally. Incidentally - I called all of the above prior to going and with the exeption of Coconuts they all told me they had NO MD blanks at all. Looks like I'll be ordering online! For some reason I have this mental block where I can only stomach spending less than $6 each (shipped) of the 1GB. I've done a bunch of price checks and comparisons on Ebay and the usual online retailers. Best price I've found is at coconuts.com. $5.99 each - first time buyer discount of 10% and free shipping and I'll be "out the door" for $5.39 each. When I was going to all those local stores last night I was having fantasies of finding a pile of them marked down w/ clearence prices of $3 each.. haha. Based on the direction MD is headed in I don't see the prices of blank 1gbs dropping like the old standard ones have. Prob best to buy up as many as I think I'll ever need. E
  6. ewrann

    Blanks at B&Ms?

    Cool - I'll stop and check on the way home. This is what happened when I called them. Me: Hi - do you stock Blank Hi-MD minidiscs? Radio Shack - Ummm..mini...? Me: Minidiscs. Radio Shack: Hang on....(puts me on hold). Radio Shack: Mini-DV? Me: No..Minidiscs...for portable minidisc recorders. Radio Shack: Ummm..not uhh, I don't think we have that. Remember when the Radio Shack guys used to know about electronics?
  7. My Hi-MD portable came in the mail today. I know where I can order blanks online but was wondering if anyone can shed some light on where i might find 1gb Hi-MD blanks at retail stores (I live in CT USA). Checked Best Buy and Circuit City this weekend w/ no luck. I'm anxious to test this sucker out with a 1gb disc and don't want to wait for the blanks I'm ordering to arrive. E
  8. Ok thanks! Time to sell some more stuff on Ebay! E
  9. Yeah - the 40ELK is my ideal choice...but might be cost prohibitive right now...the other backlits on Ebay are going for dirt cheap..I just need to figure out which ones have the level bar(s) on the stick and are adjustable. E
  10. Might as well ask for the whole enchilada... What backlit MD remotes that will work with my NH700 (due to arrive on Monday) show the recording level bar(s) on the remote and allow you to adjust the levels with the remote. Thx, E
  11. ...and can you adjust the levels with this remote?
  12. ewrann

    710 vs. 910 ?

    Woohoo! Found a NH700 NEW for $125.00 (Buyitnow) on Ebay UK and bought it. Seller is in the US w/ free shipping (I live in Connecticut). How exciting! Love the price! Thanks for the info/help. E
  13. ewrann

    710 vs. 910 ?

    Thx for the xtra info. Best price I can find is Amazon (170.99 shipped) for the 910. Now I have to ask myself..do I really need the mic input? I only used the line input to record shows with my Sharp. E
  14. ewrann

    710 vs. 910 ?

    Ok - that's scary. I was under the misguided impression the 700 series had both the mic and the line in. So you're saying the 710 does not...the model number i'm looking at at Amazon is MZDH710 - have yet to find a manual online for this to confirm specs to 100%. More Googling now. Thx, E
  15. ewrann

    710 vs. 910 ?

    Hi! I'm ready to take the plunge and buy a Hi-MD portable and will finally lay my old Sharp MT15 to rest.. My eye is on the Sony 710. Is there any reason why I should pay 40-50 more for the 910? The primary use will be to record concerts to .wav useing the Line-In. I've checked the specs and the only difference that's really attractive to me is that the 910 boasts a "new sleeker design". This difference isn't enough to sway me to spend the extra money as I'm used to the bulky MT15. Can anyone tell me why I need the 910 over the 710? Thanks! E
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