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  1. Hi, I'll start in this forum, but I do realize that I may have to contact SonyMediaSoftware and/or RealNetworks too... For various reasons, I saved a music file using SonyMediaSoftware (formerly SonicFoundry) SoundForge (full version). I chose the RealMedia (*.rm) file type, and encoded using a template including RA at 132 Kbps. Good enough... file encoded/saved... sounds fine... all is well. I loaded it directly into Real Player 10 (most current version), and happened to look at the file (clip) properties... It listed the file type as RealAudio 8 with ATRAC3!!! Granted... the newest version of SoundForge encodes Real Audio in version 8... but I didn't expect to see the ATRAC3 name listed here as well. Remember that this is how the file properites appear in Real Player, not any Sony software playing the file. My question: Is there something going on collaboratively with Sony and RealNetworks re: the RealMedia (rm) audio file specs, or is this a specific issue regarding the Sony SoundForge encoder plugin... or is RealAudio actually now a variant of ATRAC3??? I'm very curious about this... Do any of the more experienced folks on this forum know anything about this? Looking forward to finding out more! Share any useful info that you may have. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Many may already know this... but, when importing tracks into SS from DLs, ripped files, saved files from Sound Forge etc. ... Sometimes the track is protected from further transfers of other manipulation... I'm absolutely not advocating breaking copyright here... but if this is something that is of interest to you... try this (it works for me every time): 1. Before importing the track into SS, make sure that you have a local copy of the track/file that SS can read. 2. Disconnect or otherwise disable Internet access (if you use something like ZoneAlarm ® or other firewall software, this is easily done on a temporary basis) 3. Import the track/file in SS 4. Re-enable Internet access, but don't fetch file/track info for that track in the future from the Internet (GraceNote et al) As long as you don't go to the 'Net to get track info, you may do as you wish with this track in SS. Of course, you'll then have to do your own Library management in SS as far as where it is located etc. Again, this is just informational... not intended to have anything to do with breaking any laws.
  3. Well... OK... I don't know if everyone else has this or not... and I don't vouch for anything about this plugin... but OK... here you go... in ZIP format. It works for me... I have it installed on a whole bunch of PCs both at home and where I work (I'm a school tech integrator/coordinator). I'm good to go with it. Doug W. atrac3.zip
  4. Hi there, The WinAmp plugin is already in the forum's DL area... but it only handles OMA and OMG file types (which I won't touch any closer than someone with a bad case of the flu! <ggg>)... so this plugin isn't of much use for me. But it exists... The Win Media Player plugin... it *does* work wonderfully with WMP to play back AA3 files. As I don't want to be the cause of someone complaining about some software-related problem, I'll just suggest that you search the 'Net for the keywords AA3 and RAR. You're looking for the Sony AA3 plugin v0.98 (that's the one that I use at least). I just did a search and found it on a site called softpedia.com (I'm not condoning nor condemning this site... that's just where I found it right now). I make no claims about this; neither good ones or bad ones... but this plugin works quite well and quite seamlessly for me in WMP. No issues at all <ggg>. Hope this helps. Doug W.
  5. Greetings, I am sure that folks that have belonged to this forum longer that I have already know this, so forgive me if most veterans already have this on hand, but I recall reading a forum post here that related to the ability of Win Media Player to play AA3 files... There *is* a plugin supposedly provided by Sony (Asia) for Windows Media Player for AA3 file types. I don't recall where I first found it, but I happened onto an installler compressed into a RAR compressed archive file. It's available on a number of sites... just search the web for AA3 and RAR, and you should happen onto it. I did search minidisc.org, but no search results turned up. Even when I looked at the public FTP area of the site... If it's here, I don't know that it is <smile> You'll need a file decompressor that can handle RAR file types. I hope that this helps some of you newer folks to all of this (as I am new to MiniDisc.org, but not to MiniDisc technology). PS: If what I got sounds like the same thing as the plugin for SonyMediaSoftware applications, I don't honestly think that it is, as I have had ACID and Sound Forge and Vegas (all current versions) installed on my PC for some time and use them all regularly; WMP would not handle AA3 files until I installed the WMP plugin that I found as described above. PPS: Also for newer folks to this... yes there is a WinAmp plugin available as well. A quick 'Net search will turn it up for you. Doug W.
  6. Greetings all, Down to brass-tacks here: I am very versed in file-format pros and cons... I usually work with FLAC and very high bit-rate OggVorbis as well as WAV and PCA... I also swear by Sony (aka Maidison Media Software aka the old Sonic Foundry... what *WONDERFUL* computer code this stuff is!!!) Sound Forge full version. Anyway... I am seeing a need in my role as a school district tech integrator to make use of HiMD/NetMD for a variety of reasons, including high-quality recording transcriptions (legal; not to worry! <g>) and uses for learning support students and those on medical or otherwise leaves-of-absence from school. Sound Forge can, of course, save out to various bitrates/quality settings for the AA3 format, which SonicStage v3.4 handles as well. On top of that, I use an AA3 file-format plugin with WinMedia Player so as to be able to use AA3 files on all of our school computers. My question is: what bitrate/quality settings does SS v3.4 use without re-converting at all or at least not much? The last thing that I want to do is save to an HQ AA3 file in Sound Forge (I save in FLAC and PCA anyway first so I do have an uncompressed file to which to revert if necessary), only to have SS goof around with it again in the process of transferring it to a NetMD/HiMD device. I do understand the limitations of the LP2/LP4 formats; I have SS set to transfer in Standard Mode, as I prefer to maintain as much original sound file quality as I can. What would be cool is if I can save one AA3 file, and then be able to DL it to multiple NetMD or HiMD units without SS goofing up the music too terribly much. Faster, and it would sound better I suppose... So... what does SS v3.4 like best as far as AA3 files go? I know, I know, some of you may say just import a WAV into SS and be done with it. But I, if I can, would like to start to use the AA3 format more universally; it is a good format for the most part! So if I can save to an HQ file format of AA3 in the first place, that would save me doo-dadding with FLACs and WAVs, only to have SS reconvert it to some other format before transferring things to a NetMD/HiMD unit for teachers or students to use with a portable MD device. All discussions here are most welcome, as I see this (using HiMD/NetMD and SS) as a HUGE thing in the education arena! I see it as a very valid alternative to the <ugh> upbiquitous iPod thrust. Thanks so much for any and all helpful responses! Doug Whitehill Lead Technology Coordinator Dallastown Area School District Dallastown PA USA
  7. Hi all, As a somewhat new member of this forum, I may not know all of the ropes... I notice that the phrase "New User" is shown under my forum login name... Hmmm... While I am new to this forum, I am definitely not new to MD; I've used both consumer and pro MD gear since 1997 as a professional DJ for dance clubs. I also note that others have different descriptors by their username... Hey... my ego is not at all damaged ... but I am wondering how this descriptor might be changed from "new user"... I note that many other user profiles have this "new user" descriptor too... Just curious about this... any ideas about how to change this phrase descriptor? I'd rather just not have ***any*** descriptor at all attached to my username, thanks very much... I emailed one of the 'board admins over a month ago... no response on this question, unfortunately. Anybody else have info about this? Thanks in advance. Doug ... well, I guess it says "beginner"... anyway... same question still applies...
  8. Hi ya, Re: Your comment: NetMD only goes one way... you're quite right of course. In my haste to tell good news about my SS v3.4 experience, I didn't add one necessary detail... <my bad...> When I said that I can transfer from MD to computer, I meant that, once I got the audio file transferred via USB to the NetMD, I could then play it back through analog (headphone) output into my computer, and from there do whatever with it... Being a 50 year-old, I'm a bit old-school in terms of not having issues mixing digital and analog; I route things where I need them to go via whatever interface works (as long as it's clean and quiet; I use an M-Audio USB-to-analog audio interface a lot). So... my big oops here... I agree with your correction to my post. I should have told a bit more of the story. Postscript: I was pleasantly surprised that a $70 teeny-tiny NetMD player had such a quiet headphone analog audio output... it's not bad, actually; a bit hissy, but no hum; has a lot of headroom... <smile>. ANYWAY... SS v3.4 still works just fine. I have it on two PCs now... one XP SP2 and the other W2k SP4... it just does what it is supposed to do. I'm happy. PS: I still insist on ATRAC Lossless when I rip a CD, and I use SP mode for transfer to MD, as I have too many older MD decks that don't support MDLP. Better sound quality, anyway. <smile> Thanks for keeping me honest! Doug W.
  9. Really? I like mine... Why are you downloading??? Why don't you consider - a) A good music service (I'm a Rhapsody fan); A good FireWire or USB2 audio interface (M-Audio); c) Good audio software (Sony Sound Forge is my 5+ year fav); d) Use a good cable modem or DSL connection; e) Enjoy being *creative* with your steaming subscription; f) Use either a good Sony MD deck or SonicStage to get things to the MD of your choice... Folks make such things oh so too difficult... a bit of planning and you can build a tremendous library of music!
  10. Hi y'all, OK... I'm a true old-fogey veteran MD user since late 1996 (yes, really!) I've DJ'd using MD since mid-1997... bought my first two JE-500 decks from Crutchfield in late 1996... but today is the first time that I've dived into the NetMD/HiMD pool. I own two MDS-E10 pro decks (boy, they are SWEET!) and various JB-series and JE-series decks (ugh, the JE-510 decks from Malaysia were terribly-made!)... but I now am the owner of two humble little MZN420D portable NetMDs... Hey, at $70 each from BHPhotoVideo, I couldn't go wrong... I DL'd the latest SonicStage/Simple Burner full install from MiniDisc.org and used this instead of the older versions packaged with my units. No issues installing, even considering that I use ZoneAlarm Pro and have it ratcheted up to the hilt... I just allowed the appropriate permissions... Once installed, I took a look *FIRST* at the options settings in both applications, and made some changes. Bottom line, troops: This application suite works just fine. I am not seeing any of the problems that others have mentioned from time to time. I've moved tracks to and from the MD to my computer... no problem. You have to pay very careful attention to file format types, DRM settings, and remembering to import CD tracks to "My Library" first (without DRM) before transferring them to MD. If you pay attention to all of that, then you can move music back to the original computer without difficulty if you desire. This software is working just fine. Before readers of this 'board get an opinion locked in based upon a few users, do be aware that I'm using it all just fine... with a little tiny $70 USB MD player. As with any software situation, one has to pay attention to its settings and details! It *does* work, folks. Good luck to all! May MD live on! Doug
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