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  1. OK. I've done TWO fresh installs of version 4, and still have the same problem. Every time I try to burn an ATRAC disc, the software gets up to 69% complete and stays there. I've done some research, and someone said it has to do with mp3 file names. These tracks aren't mp3 files, though! They're taken straight from professionally recorded CDs that are recognized by gracenote. I have had success burning one ATRAC CD with my 3 Lord of the Rings soundtrack CDs. But these CDs are supposed to hold a lot more than that. When I open the program, most of the time it tells me that I have untitled tracks, but I don't. When I stop the transfer process (after hours and hours at 69%), I get the message that the "untitled" track couldn't be dealt with (or something to that effect). Anyone else with this problem?
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