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  1. To Void! Eeeeeehhaaaa! THANK YOU SIR !!!!! I loved "Sony" earlier also but now I love Sony more! Earlier confused me only inconvenience SonicStage but now I am happy completely. Thanks once again! my respect !
  2. Yeep! see the name of a theme: "...for E00x series...". If you want use fail manager on other devices then use other program. For example for NW-E103/E105/E107/E405/E407/E505/E507 must be used this (by sony) program: http://www.sony.jp/products/overseas/conte...p3-fm20-01.html
  3. Try to write under 165 sound-tracks (no 166 or more!). I dont know why....but this program is working and everything is OK if I write 165 sound-tracks or less. If I add to player only ONE sound-track more I see on display the error-message: " NO DATABASE" and dont play no one sound-track even what played before.
  4. To Void! Also through (using) the voidmp3fm-program I don"t see some mp.3-tracks. Why is it?
  5. Why I can"t write to my NW-E005 (2 Gb) more of 165 tracks? If I writing under 165 tracks - everything ok! but if write 1 track more (total is 166 tracks) - I don"t playing not one track. (error: "no database" ????? ) WHAT IS IT ???
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