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  1. no...what i saw was an EL display, not the color display on dh10p.......
  2. hello everyone, i'm a newbie to this forum, but i've been using MD for several years. I owned Sony R50, E55, DHC-515, and N707. i also owned an ipod, and i have to confess it's really user-friendly. but the mechanical beauty of MD players is irreplaceable. so i sold my ipod for RH10 few months ago. before buying RH10, i did a lot research here, and i saw someone posted a picture of his/her RH10's screen displaying graphics which are not preset of the machine. i was quite impressed by the picture, but now with RH10 nearby, i can not find any thread discussing about it nor the forum user who posted the picture. is it just my fantasy or i missed some threads? thanks for your replies.
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